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If you are currently in the market for a new forklift to meet the material handling needs of you or your company, it can often be difficult to decide upon the right type of forklift, with both cost and site specific requirements playing a role in your eventual decision.
Forklift picThe decision between Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) comprising of LNG or diesel powered machines, and Battery Electric Forklifts can usually be weighed up by comparing the financial and environmental costs.
Batteries have been in a materials handling context for at least 200 years, the most common battery currently used in the materials handling industry is the lead acid battery.
The two main types of forklift are LPG and battery electric.
Which should you choose?
Ferret has broken down the pros and cons of these systems, to help you choose what is right for you. To read more, click here and find your lifting solution.

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Supplier news
10/06/14 - A new report by Crown Equipment reveals that the company has improved safety in its operations by achieving industry and world best practices.
TMHA provides a one-stop warehouse equipment solution with its range of Toyota, BT Lift Truck and Raymond forklifts
Supplier news
30/05/14 - Whites Group, a national supplier to the hardware, rural and industrial sectors, has chosen Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) forklifts.
Lencrow’s Bomaq B30MP all terrain forklift
Supplier news
14/05/14 - Lencrow Materials Handling introduced the new Bomaq B30MP all terrain forklift at the HRIA show on the Gold Coast recently.
TAFT sought a range of load-shifting equipment from TMHA to equip its new facility at Somerton in Melbourne's north
Supplier news
11/04/14 - A leading Australian forklift training organisation has selected Toyota Material Handling Australia to supply a range of forklifts and warehouse equipment.
How to Choose the Right Forklift
09/04/14 - Choosing the right forklift for your warehouse can make all the difference between a productive environment or a sloppy one.
Manitou launches new underground mine basket
Supplier news
03/04/14 - Manitou has released a new, safer underground mining basket.
Toyota’s new 8-Series forklift
Supplier news
20/03/14 - Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has launched a new range of counterbalance forklifts.
Manitou unveils new articulated forklifts
Supplier news
18/03/14 - Manitou has launched a new generation of articulated site forklifts.
ForkTrack can email relevant parties if something goes wrong with a forklift.
Supplier news
18/02/14 - Fleet management systems can do a great deal to improve the safety and efficiency of your forklift fleet.
TMHA's new BT Reflex O-Series Reach Truck is specifically designed to operate on outdoor surfaces
Supplier news
30/01/14 - Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) introduces a versatile new range of reach trucks designed to operate on outdoor surfaces.
TMHA delivered in excess of 4,700 forklifts in 2013
Supplier news
23/01/14 - Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) continues to lead the overall national forklift market for the fifth consecutive year.
The new smartphone application enables faster and easier logging of service requests
Supplier news
09/01/14 - Toyota Material Handling Australia introduces a new smartphone application to enable faster and easier logging of service requests.

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