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Mitsubishi FB13-20TCB 3-wheeler counterbalanced electric truck
Supplier news
15/11/12 - MLA Holdings introduces the new Mitsubishi FB13-20TCB 3-wheeler counterbalanced electric trucks designed to work indoors and outdoors.
Hyster 4-5T electric counterbalance forklift
Supplier news
28/03/12 - Adaptalift Hyster has added the tough new J4.0-5.0XN electric counterbalance forklifts to its energy efficient JXN range, meeting the increasing demand for tough 4-5 tonne electric forklifts.
Type WP-P - WP-G work platform
Supplier news
05/03/12 - Type WP-P/ WP-G work platforms available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd are designed to support a maximum of two people at a time.
Linde electric forklift truck
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01/02/12 - Linde Material Handling (MH) introduces its new range of electric forklift trucks featuring larger load capacities from 3.5 tonnes to 5 tonnes.
Supplier news
31/01/12 - A drive for innovation, efficiency and productivity is behind the evolution of Linde Material Handling into becoming a major force in Australian industry.
Industry figures show TMHA captured over 30% of the total Australian forklift market in 2011
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23/01/12 - Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) has retained overall national forklift market leadership for 2011, completing a quarter century of dominance in internal-combustion counter-balance forklifts.
Low Level Order Pickers from Adaptalift Hyster
Supplier news
06/09/11 - Adaptalift Hyster introduces their new low level order pickers, forklift trucks, with optimised speed and ease of picking from both sides of a warehouse aisle.
Toyota Material Handling reach trucks and gas-powered forklift trucks
Supplier news
08/08/11 - Toyota Material Handling has become SPAR Australia’s sole provider of reach trucks and gas-powered forklift trucks for the next five years.
Hyster 8-16 Tonne Forklift Truck
Supplier news
01/07/11 - Adaptalift Hyster introduces their new 8th generation 8-16 tonne forklift trucks designed for fuel efficiency and reliable performance.
Model WP-N Forklift Work Cage
Supplier news
18/04/11 - Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd supplies a range of forklift work cages to cover diverse requirements.
FRM Toyota's General Manager Peter Brown (L) launches the CNG forklift initiative with Tas Gas representative Stephen Bayley
Supplier news
07/04/11 - Tasmanian natural gas distributor, Tas Gas Networks has joined with the Toyota Material Handling dealer in Tasmania, FRM Toyota to offer compressed natural gas (CNG) for forklift trucks.
ForkTrack forklift safety device
Supplier news
03/02/11 - ForkTrack forklift safety device tracks all licensed operators.

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