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Forklift mounted vacuum lifter
Materials Handling P/L
A selection of hydraulic and non-hydraulic forklift attachments that are simple to connect, versatile and enhance operator security
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Cage attachments for Forklifts from Prolift Solutions
Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd
Prolift Solutions provide a waide range of hydraulic and non hydraulic forklift attachments
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Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd market a comprehensive range of materials handling and lifting equipment. Their range includes Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Monorail Cranes, Hoists and Winches, Forklift Attachments. 
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Materials Handling specialises in the movement, control and protection of goods as they are manufactured, distributed, stored, used and disposed of environmentally and safely while improving profitability and productivity. Products include access equipment, ...
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Supplier news
21/09/11 - Prolift Solutions presents the DC-GR2/HPP Hydraulic Drum Rotators, a drum lifter with hydraulic grab/rotation ability.
DC-GR2 Hydraulic Drum Rotators
Supplier news
19/09/11 - Prolift Solutions presents the DC-GR2 Hydraulic Drum Rotators forklift drum lifters, with a hydraulic grab and 130 degree rotation ability.
DC-GR2/EFD Hydraulic Drum Rotators
Supplier news
16/09/11 - Prolift Solutions presents the DC-GR2/EFD Hydraulic Drum Rotator, forklift attachments, which features a heavy duty 205 litre drum lifter with hydraulic grab/rotation ability.
DT Drum Turner Forklift Attachments
Supplier news
08/08/11 - Prolift Solutions presents the DT Cord Operated Drum Turner forklift attachment suited to assist in transporting and repositioning metal 205 litre drums.
SDL-2 Dual Drum Lifter
Supplier news
31/03/11 - Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd offers a wide range of forklift drum handling equipment to cover diverse requirements in materials handling situations.

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