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Tips on Sanitation in Food Processing Plant

Make the Hard decisions
Don’t be afraid to make unpopular decisions. Food poisoning outbreaks can appear in any part of the food chain – from the manufacturing process through to restaurants and the home. If you work in the food processing industry and you think equipment has been compromised don’t be afraid to make the call and stop a production run. It might cost some downtime, or even plant replacement. However, the alternative could be not only the loss of a customer and damage to your reputation, but in extreme cases loss of life.

Keep the maintenance department in the loop
Too often the maintenance department is ignored. Planned maintenance not only saves on unnecessary downtime, but can bring up unforeseen issues that might have been missed if maintenance had not been scheduled.

Make sure all bases are covered
It’s not enough to have well-kept and clean equipment inside the processing plant. You must make sure that the area and surrounds are kept clean, too. What are your processes for off-cuts? For wastage? Are there processes in place whereby rubbish and waste products are disposed of in a sanitary manner? If you have a lax attitude towards these kinds of issues, it leads to sloppy best practices, which could come back to haunt you during inspection time.

Being preventative is proactive
Similar to keeping the maintenance team in the loop, it’s good to have a preventative program. Again, it might cost a little downtime and money, but could also save money in the long run. This not only includes making sure equipment is kept in top-notch condition, but also dealing with pests that are attracted to food processing factories.
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GrainCorp Foods to upgrade processing facility in Victoria
16/02/15 - GrainCorp Foods' processing plant will be upgraded to deliver extra capability including retail spreads, bakery fats, and shortenings.
Ready meals to be the largest frozen food segment by 2020
13/02/15 - The global frozen food market is expected to reach an estimated value of USD 156.4 billion in 2020.
Fruit Concentrate Market is Expected to reach $34.6 Billion by 2019
09/02/15 - A trend towards processed food products in developing countries is fueling growth of the fruit concentrate market.
The Vinitrell hose with its red, nonstick, surface is optimised for use in wine making.
Supplier news
12/01/15 - The correct hose ensures reliable flow for food producers.
New levy to help fight oyster mortality syndrome
10/12/14 - The ACCC will allow Australian Seafood Industries to collect a levy, in conjunction with hatcheries, on the purchase of Pacific oyster spat.
AmDough Rotary Moulder Belts
Supplier news
06/10/14 - Rydell, the exclusive Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech's AmDough are the first to offer the biscuit bakery industry full food contact approval.
AMS appointed distributor for optek
Supplier news
01/09/14 - optek offers high-performance inline photometric analysers for liquid and gas-processing applications.
A flexible production line guarantees consistent product quality for all batches, allows a more dynamic product offer and ensures efficient use of the shop floor.
14/07/14 - Food and beverage manufacturers can remain productive in the context of increasing raw material prices, energy prices and pressure from retailers.
What's the best production line for your food business?
Supplier news
12/06/14 - ​There are a few key factors to consider when upgrading or investing in a new production line. Heat and Control has some pointers to help you get started.
A fresh approach to food processing
Supplier news
10/06/14 - New technology is ensuring better quality processing in the food supply chain.
Tetra Pak acquires Miteco to enhance beverage capabilities
05/03/14 - Food processing and packaging company, Tetra Pak, has acquired Switzerland-based Miteco.
Fonterra’s new Waitoa facility to commence production in March
24/02/14 - Fonterra’s new $120m UHT milk processing plant is edging closer to completion with production to commence in March.

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