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Photometric equipment for LED test and measurement applications
Photometric Solutions International
Photometric equipment from Photometric Solutions International is used by a diverse clientele includ
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Scientific Devices Australia is an ISO9002 Quality certified business, marketing and supporting a range of Test and Measurement equipment for leading manufacturers of Test & Measurement Instrumentation in the fields of Time & Frequency Standards ...
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Photometric Solutions International (PSI) specialise in goniophotometers, integrating spheres, spectroradiometers, flux integrators, reflex reflector measurement systems and custom designed photometric equipment.
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LED Energy Efficiency Research with absolute luminous flux integrator from Photometric Solutions International
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21/07/09 - Scientists throughout Asia are using the Absolute Luminous Flux Integrator (ALFI) from Photometric Solutions International to improve the energy efficiency of LEDs and related devices.
Absolute luminous flux integrator
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03/04/09 - The absolute luminous flux integrator (ALFI), available from Photometric Solutions International, is a device designed for absolute measurement of luminous flux of lamps.
LG-1.2 rotating luminaire goniophotometer
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05/02/09 - The LG-1.2 is a compact rotating luminaire goniophotometer for photometric characterisations of lamps or luminaries and is available from Photometric Solutions International. It is designed for manufacturers or institutions who do not have the space ...
Introducing the CFB200 Series from Alfa-Tek
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24/11/06 - The CFB200 Series includes 100-200 Watt Wide Input DC-DC Converters Single Output.
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16/02/06 - A common mistake people make in pest control is choosing a service that focuses on reactive treatments rather than a proactive program, according to Rentokil Pest Control general manager David Peterson.

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