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Fluid Mixing Equipment

Liquid Mixing Equipment - Wafer Style Static Mixers
H2O Rx / Chemical System Consulting
Wafer Style static mixers for quick and efficient mixing of fluids such as oil and waste water
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IM 15 Rotary Jet Mixer
Matrix Process Solutions
Products that are designed to save you money from the day you install them into your process system.
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Matrix Process Solutions is a consolidation of engineering resources and experience from around the country, committed to providing customers with the best solutions for all their liquid process requirements.  Matrix Process Solutions is Alfa Laval's ...
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Established in 1976, Teralba Industries design and manufacture Dimpleflo tubular heat exchangers, in stainless steels and titanium, to process viscous, slurred and difficult products. These low maintenance high efficiency heat exchangers are ideal ...
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H2O Rx supply chemical storage and handling equipment. They specialise in retractable and non-retractable chemical injection quills and diffusers, wafer-style inline static mixers, flow conditioners, pulsation dampeners and gauge guards, glass and PVC ...
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A Westfall model 2800 static mixer in-line at Sebago Lake water treatment facility
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25/11/11 - Westfall model 2800 wafer style static mixers, now available from H2O Rx are suitable for use in almost any application, offering maintenance free operation.
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22/08/07 - Mixquip, a division of Teralba Industries, has been involved in the design and manufacture of fluid mixing equipment for over 30 years. The Mixquip PT RUMMAGER has now been included as part of its extensive range of mixing equipment.

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