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Solutions for fluid handling and moving

Not all fluids are created equal, and so it is the case when it comes to moving and storing liquids. You can’t put sulfuric acid in a ceramic container, nor would it be wise to use copper pipes for sewage. Most liquids have one of two types of media that they can be stored in, or used to move, however, there are some instances where catastrophic consequences can occur if the wrong media is chosen. Here is a list of fluids and the type of media they should be stored in or by which they should be moved. Here is a guide:

Oil – glass, ceramic
Sewage – PVC, mild steel, ceramic, glass
Potable water – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass UDHD
Acids/H2S04 – PVDF
Alkalis – UDHD, PVC
Petrol – PVC pipes, glass, ceramic, UDHD
Mercury – glass, ceramic
Brake fluid - PVC
Paint - PVC
Chlorine - PVC
Machine lubricants - PVC
Slurry – concrete, PVC
Wet concrete – mild steel
Alcohol – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass, UDHD
Road, rail, industrial - compressed air drain valves/filters.
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Plasmac have been providing their products and services to the medicinal and chemical industries since 1978. Their products include machined components, semi-finished shapes, sealing components and Teflon rods and tubes.
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Pressure monitoring solution
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Complete suppliers to the food industry. Equipment & consumables, specialists in meat processing.
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Finlease is a specialist finance broker with funds currently arranged and in place for small to medium business clients. Finlease finance all manner of business and personal assets from charter boats to cranes, aircraft to fit-outs and ...
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Offaly Civil Engineering Pty Ltd specialise in fluid transfer civil engineering services including in trunk drainage, service reticulation and mechanical fit-out of both sewer and potable water pump stations and associated infrastructures, irrigation, ...
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MSPC Australia is an authorized distributor for Mindman Pneumatics and PISCO Pneumatic Fittings in Australia . MSPC Stocks vast range of pneumatic Products,all types of Mindman 5/2,3/2 Solenoid Valves, 2/2 Brass Solenoid Valves, 2/2 SS Solenoid Valves, ...
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EGR Industrial is a division of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic materials and products. We specialise in all forms of plastic extrusion, production and moulding. From agrculture to Transport, manufacturing to customised design, EGR ...
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Wickham Plastics specialises in high quality precision mouldings for automotive, medical, building, electrical, industrial and engineering applications. Product range includes Seat belt buckles, Audio mouldings, Door handles, Power steering reservoirs, ...
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EagleBurgmann produce economical and easy to use sealing solutions to fulfil environmental protection and safety. EagleBurgmann Australasia offer Mechanical Seals, Gas Lubricated Mechanical Seals, Seal Supply Systems, Magnetic Couplings, Stuffing Box ...
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HD Fire Protect Pvt. Ltd. has been manufacturing Industrial Water and Foam Based Fire Protection Equipment for over 20 years. The product range include Sprinklers, Monitors, Spray Nozzles, Foam Chambers, Bladder Tanks, Alarm Valves and Systems, Foam ...
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WIHA Distributors are one of the leading suppliers of products for fastening, fixing, identifying and protecting cables and their connecting components. They provide Cable Ties inside serrated, Cable Ties outside serrated, Releasable Cable Ties, Cable ...
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