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Solutions for fluid handling and moving

Not all fluids are created equal, and so it is the case when it comes to moving and storing liquids. You can’t put sulfuric acid in a ceramic container, nor would it be wise to use copper pipes for sewage. Most liquids have one of two types of media that they can be stored in, or used to move, however, there are some instances where catastrophic consequences can occur if the wrong media is chosen. Here is a list of fluids and the type of media they should be stored in or by which they should be moved. Here is a guide:

Oil – glass, ceramic
Sewage – PVC, mild steel, ceramic, glass
Potable water – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass UDHD
Acids/H2S04 – PVDF
Alkalis – UDHD, PVC
Petrol – PVC pipes, glass, ceramic, UDHD
Mercury – glass, ceramic
Brake fluid - PVC
Paint - PVC
Chlorine - PVC
Machine lubricants - PVC
Slurry – concrete, PVC
Wet concrete – mild steel
Alcohol – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass, UDHD
By Type
Paul Sly – quality governance is a key issue in successfully sourcing form China
Supplier news
06/06/13 - General Manager of leading Australasian supplier of seals and gaskets, CSGtech, Mr Paul Sly stresses the importance of quality governance when sourcing from China.
Supplier news
04/06/13 - Redstar Equipment held its inaugural ‘Australia’s biggest morning tea’ recently at its head office in Rocklea, QLD to help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer.
Emerson's Micro Motion ELITE flowmeters
Supplier news
04/06/13 - The Asia-Pacific region this year will become the world’s largest market for flowmeters with sales revenue of $1.7 billion, according to IMS Research, now part of IHS.
Supplier news
03/06/13 - Redstar Equipment announces the launch of their new financing solutions designed for their equipment range.
Fines removed by the Micron-Pro filter appear dry because most of the oil is recovered during the filtration process
Supplier news
28/05/13 - Micron-Pro cooking oil filters, available from Heat and Control have delivered significant oil savings within the first year at plants producing meatballs, potato chips, batter-breaded foods, and other products.
George Commins from Commins Enterprises, Whitton, NSW demonstrates Aussie Pumps' Super Indy on his John Deere spray rig
Supplier news
23/05/13 - Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of high pressure steam cleaners to their versatile range of water blasters.
The SUPERMAX offers high efficiency in a small footprint, making it ideal for retrofitting to pre-existing skids
Supplier news
16/05/13 - A skid-mounted SUPERMAX shell and plate heat exchanger is helping a gas processing company achieve increased propane recovery and reduce sales gas gross heating value.
Tranter’s plate heat exchangers
Supplier news
15/05/13 - Tranter’s Swedish-made plate heat exchangers were chosen by a district heating specialist to heat large oil and chemical tanks at the Gävle Hamn port.
Tranter plate heat exchanger
Supplier news
14/05/13 - Twenty one plate heat exchangers from Tranter International are being used by a major European potash mining company to recover heat at a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant.
A180 extra heavy duty Steel Air hose
Supplier news
13/05/13 - ADDLER presents the A180 Steel Air, a range of extra heavy duty hoses designed especially for use on drill rigs.
Pharmaceutical plants and chemical processing facilities prefer the removable cover option for solvent condensing duties because of its easy access and clean-ability
Supplier news
13/05/13 - SUPERMAX shell and plate heat exchangers are being preferred over shell and tube exchangers for their lower cost, rapid delivery, smaller footprint and easier maintenance.
AFLAS gasket
Supplier news
09/05/13 - Tranter Australia announces the launch of the new AFLAS gaskets for use on their line of heat exchangers.

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