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Solutions for fluid handling and moving

Not all fluids are created equal, and so it is the case when it comes to moving and storing liquids. You can’t put sulfuric acid in a ceramic container, nor would it be wise to use copper pipes for sewage. Most liquids have one of two types of media that they can be stored in, or used to move, however, there are some instances where catastrophic consequences can occur if the wrong media is chosen. Here is a list of fluids and the type of media they should be stored in or by which they should be moved. Here is a guide:

Oil – glass, ceramic
Sewage – PVC, mild steel, ceramic, glass
Potable water – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass UDHD
Acids/H2S04 – PVDF
Alkalis – UDHD, PVC
Petrol – PVC pipes, glass, ceramic, UDHD
Mercury – glass, ceramic
Brake fluid - PVC
Paint - PVC
Chlorine - PVC
Machine lubricants - PVC
Slurry – concrete, PVC
Wet concrete – mild steel
Alcohol – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass, UDHD
By Type
Aflas Extreme Elastomer for chemical use
Supplier news
09/09/14 - ​Oz Seals has developed its latest in elastomer innovations, Aflas Extreme TFE Elastomer.
Caltex to build new lubricants facility
Supplier news
08/09/14 - Caltex is investing $5 million to expand its national bulk lubricants network, and build a new facility in WA.
QME 2014 Preview: Lubrication and process equipment
Supplier news
11/06/14 - Graco Australia will return to QME, following AIMEX 2013, to showcase their range of lubrication and process products on stand L190.
PetroSense Portable Hydrocarbon Analyser
Supplier news
23/05/14 - The PetroSense PHA-100 allows for real time measurement of petrochemical contamination in water/vapour
Vortex signs pipe technology agreement
30/01/14 - Vortex Pipes has signed a technology NDA with US based Kelley Group over its ShieldLiner technology use and distribution in the US.
Super duplex stainless steels ensure that the valves can be used in more aggressive industrial environments involving high temperatures and potentially corrosive water supply.
20/11/13 - Maric Flow Control is tapping into growing world demand for its hand-crafted water valve technology.
Model ‘T’ Link-Seal achieves two-hour fire-rating
Supplier news
04/11/13 - The Projex Group Model ‘T’ Link-Seal series has achieved a two-hour fire rating.
SICK launches ultrasonic air velocity meters
Supplier news
28/10/13 - SICK has launched ultrasonic air velocity meters for continuous air flow measurement in mining.
Victaulic launches new pipe couplings
Supplier news
22/10/13 - Victaulic have launched new quick install, composite couplings.
How to choose the right pump for your industrial plant
09/10/13 - What steps should you take to pick the right pump for your plant? Amin Almasi explains.
Emerson acquires Enardo
Supplier news
08/10/13 - Enardo is a provider of safety and environmental control equipment for the oil and gas, petrochemical, wastewater, refining and other industries.
Siemens releases Apple iOS app for ultrasonic flowmeters
Supplier news
11/09/13 - The Sitrans Connection Apple iOS communication application is designed for use with all Sitrans F US clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters.

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