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Solutions for fluid handling and moving

Not all fluids are created equal, and so it is the case when it comes to moving and storing liquids. You can’t put sulfuric acid in a ceramic container, nor would it be wise to use copper pipes for sewage. Most liquids have one of two types of media that they can be stored in, or used to move, however, there are some instances where catastrophic consequences can occur if the wrong media is chosen. Here is a list of fluids and the type of media they should be stored in or by which they should be moved. Here is a guide:

Oil – glass, ceramic
Sewage – PVC, mild steel, ceramic, glass
Potable water – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass UDHD
Acids/H2S04 – PVDF
Alkalis – UDHD, PVC
Petrol – PVC pipes, glass, ceramic, UDHD
Mercury – glass, ceramic
Brake fluid - PVC
Paint - PVC
Chlorine - PVC
Machine lubricants - PVC
Slurry – concrete, PVC
Wet concrete – mild steel
Alcohol – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass, UDHD
By Type
DCF-1600 twin actuator model
Supplier news
05/04/13 - Three DCF-1600 mechanically cleaned filters from Eaton Filtration were installed at a California-based meat packing company to reduce water consumption in line with regulatory
ReCoila hose reels
Supplier news
04/04/13 - Australian hose reel specialist ReCoila Reels has invested in new robotic machinery to ramp up its steel hose reel production to an even higher level of precision.
Conformance to dimension specifications and surface quality is assured through automated quality control using Basler Vario video inspection systems
Supplier news
04/04/13 - Fluid Seals sources AS568 Viton and fluoroelastomer O-rings from US factories with the materials complying with established standards and approvals.
Eaton BECOPAD 220 filter sheet
Supplier news
04/04/13 - BECOPAD filters from Eaton Filtration are being used by a German winery to improve the filtration process without compromising quality or taste.
FCI ST100 flow meter
Supplier news
21/03/13 - The future-ready ST100 Series thermal mass air/gas flow meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) has received ATEX and IECEx approvals.
ReCoila T Series fire fighting hose reel
Supplier news
20/03/13 - ReCoila Reels introduces a strong, safe and ergonomically sound range of hose reels developed for use in fire fighting applications in rural areas and various industries.
Supplier news
14/03/13 - Parker Hannifin announces that their Australian manufactured products are Australian Made Certified and bear the famous green and gold symbol.
Promass O Coriolis mass flowmeter
Supplier news
13/03/13 - Endress + Hauser Australia offers the next generation of flow metering devices designed for use in harsh applications in the oil and gas industry.
Supplier news
12/03/13 - Distributed in Australia by Whyte-Hall Australia, the Wolf tank lighting kit provides a low voltage portable temporary lighting solution for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas.
Supplier news
08/03/13 - Endress + Hauser Australia announces the Proline Prosonic Flow B 200, an innovative range of flow meters.
Graco EP hose pump
Supplier news
07/03/13 - Graco EP hose pumps are being employed by Hindustan Unilever Limited to transfer mango pulp from 200-litre barrels to a 4m high tank.
Series IEFS insertion electromagnetic flow sensor
Supplier news
06/03/13 - Dwyer Instruments introduces its new Series IEFS insertion electromagnetic flow sensors.

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