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Solutions for fluid handling and moving

Not all fluids are created equal, and so it is the case when it comes to moving and storing liquids. You can’t put sulfuric acid in a ceramic container, nor would it be wise to use copper pipes for sewage. Most liquids have one of two types of media that they can be stored in, or used to move, however, there are some instances where catastrophic consequences can occur if the wrong media is chosen. Here is a list of fluids and the type of media they should be stored in or by which they should be moved. Here is a guide:

Oil – glass, ceramic
Sewage – PVC, mild steel, ceramic, glass
Potable water – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass UDHD
Acids/H2S04 – PVDF
Alkalis – UDHD, PVC
Petrol – PVC pipes, glass, ceramic, UDHD
Mercury – glass, ceramic
Brake fluid - PVC
Paint - PVC
Chlorine - PVC
Machine lubricants - PVC
Slurry – concrete, PVC
Wet concrete – mild steel
Alcohol – PVC pipes, ceramic, glass, UDHD
By Type
KATflow 230 dual channel flowmeter
Supplier news
13/03/20 - Flowmeters are not always installed in locations where there is a stable and undisturbed flow. Accessing such ideal measurement conditions is difficult.
Series TDFT thermal dispersion flow transmitter
Supplier news
04/03/20 - Dwyer Instruments presents a new range of thermal dispersion flow transmitters featuring continuous frequency output.
ST80 flow meters provide application compatibility with ease of installation
Supplier news
13/02/20 - The ST80 flow meter range has been expanded to also provide a new Profibus-DP solution along with its existing Profibus-PA capability.
Modbus compatible thermal mass flow meters
Supplier news
10/01/20 - Fluid Components International (FCI) presents the industry’s broadest selection of Modbus compatible thermal mass flow meters.
FCI’s ST80 Series high performance air/gas flow meters
Supplier news
10/11/19 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents FCI’s ST80 Series of high performance, rugged thermal dispersion technology air/gas flow meters.
McCrometer FPI Mag mag meter
Supplier news
24/08/19 - The FPI Mag meets or exceeds exacting industry standards of 0.5% accuracy with 3rd party testing verification.
EL-FLOW Prestige comes equipped with the data of 100 unique gases from the FLUIDAT database
Supplier news
19/08/19 - The Netherlands-based Bronkhorst High-Tech BV has expanded their database of gas and liquid properties from 1000 fluids to over 1800 fluids.
FCI’s ST102A and MT100 multipoint air/gas flow meters
Supplier news
17/07/19 - AMS has introduced a new range of multipoint thermal mass flow meters from FCI designed to improve the efficiency of boiler air preheater (APH) systems.
Katronic’s KATflow 180 is an ATEX-approved clamp-on flowmeter for gases
Supplier news
27/06/19 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents a new range of flowmeters for gases from Katronic.
Bronkhorst designs integrated flow solutions for gas, liquid and vapour flow (Image: Bronkhorst)
Supplier news
23/06/19 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces their appointment as the exclusive distributor for the Bronkhorst range of flow instrumentation in Australia.
ST80 Series thermal mass flow meters
Supplier news
31/05/19 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration introduces the new SIL compliant ST80 Series thermal mass flow meter from Fluid Components International.
NMI Approval for Axioma Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic smart water meter
Supplier news
25/05/19 - AMS Water Metering has received NMI approval for their Axioma Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic smart water meter.

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