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Model AAFS adjustable air flow switch
Supplier news
29/11/12 - Leading supplier of a complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, Dwyer Instruments introduces the new Model AAFS adjustable air flow switches.
FCI’s FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor
Supplier news
03/10/12 - Fluid Components International’s FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor has received FM and FMc (Canadian) approvals.
Series FS-2 vane flow switch
Supplier news
18/09/12 - Series FS-2 vane flow switches available from Dwyer Instruments offer an economical solution for proving flow in boilers, hot water heaters and chillers.
Honsberg MR flow switch
Supplier news
29/08/12 - The Honsberg MR flow switches from Practical Control Solutions are compact, rugged devices suitable for use with fluid or gaseous media.
FCI's  Flow Instrumentation Products
Supplier news
16/03/12 - Fluid Components International (FCI) has been chosen as the No. 1 supplier of thermal mass flow meters and flow switches by the readers of Control magazine.
Series TDFS thermal dispersion flow switch
Supplier news
07/11/11 - The W.E. Anderson Division of Dwyer Instruments presents the new Series TDFS thermal dispersion flow switches designed to indicate whether the flow rate is above or below a user set flow rate with NO
Kayden Classic 800 Series thermal dispersion flow switches
Supplier news
12/08/11 - Kayden Classic 800 Series thermal dispersion flow switches provide the ultimate performance and features package for flow, level, interface, and temperature sensing.
The new Gems FS-600 Series flow switch
Supplier news
16/05/11 - Control Components introduces a new range of robust thermal dispersion flow switches featuring a ‘no moving parts’ design.
CF12 series thermal flow switches
Supplier news
11/04/11 - Sitron CF12 series thermal flow switches are now stocked by Control Components, providing a reliable and low cost solution for flow and low flow detection of liquids or gases in pipers or ducts.
FS10A Analyser Flow Switch and Monitor
Supplier news
09/11/10 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration offers a new line of analyser flow switches and monitors from Fluid Components International (FCI) for use in gas and liquid process sampling systems.
The AVFS air velocity flow switch
Supplier news
30/08/10 - Dwyer Instruments, provider of a range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its new series AVFS air velocity flow switch.
Leak detecting flow switches now available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration
Supplier news
28/01/10 - Process and plant engineers, who need to monitor fugitive emissions from compressors, pressure relief valves, pumps and other gas flowing components, will find a highly reliable solution in the FlexSwitch FLT93S Flow Switch from Fluid Components International ...

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