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The Coriolis mass flowmeter is designed to measure both liquids and gases.
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26/09/12 - YOKOGAWA Australia has announced the release of the ROTAMASS LR, described as one of the world's smallest dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeters.
Burkert 5281 brass solenoid valves
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26/09/12 - Braeco Sales distribute Burket series 5281 brass solenoid valves, which are 2/2-way servo-assisted and have a full port for compressed air, neutral gases and water.
ROTAMASS LR dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter
Supplier news
04/09/12 - Yokogawa Australia announces the release of the ROTAMASS LR, one of the world’s smallest dual bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeters.
MP Series flow meters are suitable for applications measuring the flow of clean fluids
Supplier news
07/08/12 - Now available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, MP Series flow meters are designed for volumetric flow rate measurement and for totalising and batching purposes.
Type 8619 panel mount transmitter and controller
Supplier news
30/07/12 - The modular multi-channel MultiCELL 8619 transmitters from Burkert Fluid Control Systems are designed with standard functions and extension modules.
FCO752 in-line production flowmeter
Supplier news
19/07/12 - Bestech Australia introduces a new range of leak and flow test instruments developed by Furness Controls for in-line production testing.
The reengineered 8045 magnetic flow meter
Supplier news
11/07/12 - Burkert Fluid Control Systems presents the re-engineered Type 8045 insertion electromagnetic flow meters designed to deliver greater functionality.
ST100 air/gas flow meters
Supplier news
04/07/12 - The ST100 Series thermal mass air/gas flow meter from Fluid Components International has obtained full certification from the HART Foundation for its hardware and DD files.
Supplier news
18/06/12 - Florite Australia provides a range of variable area flow meters for the process industry.
McCrometer FPI Mag flow meters from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration
Supplier news
14/06/12 - AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents the McCrometer FPI Mag flow meters designed to provide high performance, ease of installation, simple maintenance and economy.
Coriolis flowmeter from ABB Australia
Supplier news
03/05/12 - CoriolisMaster meters, new to ABB, measure flow, density, temperature and concentration and are compact and maintenance free.
The Gems FT-100 Series of TurbFlow liquid flow sensors from Control Components
Supplier news
02/05/12 - Control Components stock a range of sensors that are ideal across a range of applications, such as the FT-100 Series from Gems

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