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Looking at the world through smart glasses
13/03/16 - Augmented reality offers interesting possibilities and potentials for work on intralogistic systems.
The testo 115i can clamp onto any component you need temperatures for
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17/02/16 - HVAC R mechanics typically require expensive instruments to accurately gauge refrigerant levels, measure carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and gather other data.
31/01/16 - A promising new cancer drug, developed in Australia by the Cancer Therapeutic, has been licensed to US pharmaceutical company Merck for $730 million.
What's a cost-effective way to measure air velocity?
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20/01/16 - Air velocity plays a large part in determining whether or not an HVAC system is working appropriately.
DV40 AC voltage detector + IR thermometer
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24/11/14 - DV40 AC voltage detector + IR thermometer is available from TRIO Test & Measurement.
PetroSense Portable Hydrocarbon Analyser
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23/05/14 - The PetroSense PHA-100 allows for real time measurement of petrochemical contamination in water/vapour
SICK launches ultrasonic air velocity meters
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28/10/13 - SICK has launched ultrasonic air velocity meters for continuous air flow measurement in mining.
Emerson acquires Enardo
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08/10/13 - Enardo is a provider of safety and environmental control equipment for the oil and gas, petrochemical, wastewater, refining and other industries.
Siemens releases Apple iOS app for ultrasonic flowmeters
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11/09/13 - The Sitrans Connection Apple iOS communication application is designed for use with all Sitrans F US clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters.
Water meter market posts larger growth than initially projected
06/09/13 - Increased investment in high-value water metering products was responsible for the unexpectedly high growth.
The low permanent head-loss achieved by the V-Cone flow meter results from the shape of the cone.
26/08/13 - The no moving parts V-Cone flow meter measures abrasive fluids without wear or clogging concerns resulting in a standard 25-year operating life.
AMS flow meters achieve new safety compliance levels
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01/08/13 - AMS announces that the future-ready ST100 Series thermal mass air/gas flow meter is now rated for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 1 compliant service.

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