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Non-Slip Overshoes
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21/01/11 - Tigergrip offers ISO certified non-slip overshoes to prevent employees from slipping on wet, greasy or oily floors, whilst enabling them to remain in the comfort of their own footwear.
Mezzanine Floors or Raised Storage Areas available from Mezzanine Engineering
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20/12/10 - Mezzanine Engineering builds mezzanine floors turning unused areas into valuable storage spaces reducing labour costs, saving time and improving revenue through increased productivity.
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09/12/10 - The FlexCache and Storage Acceleration Appliances are designed to scale out storage performance for large computer farms, accelerate data access from remote offices, and simplify management of tiered
Deep groove, rib patterned vinyl runners from Mat World
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08/12/10 - Deep groove, rib patterned vinyl runners from Mat World, designed to protect all floor surfaces, including carpet, and prevent wear resulting from constant traffic.
MSS366BK Safestep Rubber Anti-Slip Safety Mats available from Mat World
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08/12/10 - Mat World introduces the MSS366BK Safestep Rubber Anti-Slip Safety Mats, ideal for areas where traction is important and slipping could be a hazard.
Sexy floors from aaaSexyfloors
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06/12/10 - aaaSexyfloors creat unique designer floors at comparable prices.
Polyurethane floor coatings can be applied to timber and concrete
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03/12/10 - Available from ERA Polymers, polyurethane floor coatings are not only hard wearing, they are simple to maintain and can help to enhance the natural appearance of indoor timber floors.
Traction Guard floor maintainers sfrom Grip Guard Non Slip
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18/10/10 - Traction Guard, from Grip Guard Non Slip, are specially formulated one-step, safety enhancing floor maintainers designed to increase slip resistance on all surfaces
FRP slip resistant flat plates are ideal for use on ramps
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08/10/10 - Available from Composite Engineering, FRP slip resistant flat plats are particularly suited to ramp applications.
Designer concrete floor coating by aaaSexyfloors
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24/09/10 - Rather than sitting on top, all designer concrete floor coatings from aaaSexyFloors actually form part of the concrete surface making it extra strong and hardwearing.
Water absorption testing
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14/09/10 - Safe Environments provide a consulting service to those wanting to incorporate ceramic tile water absorption testing into their project specifications.
Fire ratings for ceramic tiles
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13/09/10 - Safe Environments discuss fire ratings for ceramic tiles as stated in the Building Code of Australia.

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