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Flameproof Lighting

MacLean Electrical (Australia) Pty Ltd
MacLean Electrical is a specialist supplier of high quality industrial and hazardous area electrical and related products to support industries that demand high levels of reliability in extreme conditions and environments.
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CSE Ex Pty Ltd  is now proud to announce its new affiliation with Sylvania Lighting Australasia (SLA). SLA’s extensive luminaire range within the SYLVANIA Brand, coupled with its ongoing commitment to quality, innovation and customer service ...
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InfoTronix Design specialise in mining and industrial automation solutions. Products include reporting data solutions, automation solutions, BPL ethernet solutions and hazard area products.
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The flameproof fluorescent luminaire
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23/07/09 - Available from CSE Ex, the flameproof fluorescent luminaire is specifically designed for corrosive and arduous environments.
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21/05/08 - Infotronix provides a range of automation products for data acquisition systems, communications and so on. Some of the automation products from Infotronix include Broadband Power Line Modem products and Hazardous Area products.

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