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PT Hydraulics Australia
PT Hydraulics Australia provide a range of solutions to Australian Industry. We supply market leading industrial hydraulics and our product range extends to include the emergency and safety industries, with hydraulic rescue tools such as hydraulic cutters, ...
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Supplying access to more than 500 fire safety products, Fire Products Direct provide products that comply with Australian stanards and they are an Australian based online store.
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Bio Ex Foam firefighting foams minimise the negative impact on the environment
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24/10/14 - PT Hydraulics Australia announces the availability of a new range of firefighting foams that minimise the negative impact on the environment.
One of the two concept fire fighting vehicles featuring the CTD foam dosing system
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17/04/14 - PT Hydraulics Australia partnered with SEM Fire & Rescue and two other equipment suppliers in late 2013 to build two concept fire fighting vehicles.
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06/05/08 - 3M Industrial Markets provides various products such as fire fighting foams, abrasives tapes, industrial tapes, paints, coatings, packaging solutions and so on.
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05/05/08 - 3M Industrial Markets is a provider of range of industrial products which include abrasives, tapes, sandpapers, fire fighting foams, industrial abrasives, fire protection products and so on.

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