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Hydrokleen Stormwater Filtration System
Supplier news
26/07/10 - Newly available from Prenco Environmental Spill Control, the Hydrokleen Stormwater Filtration System is a positive enhancement for cleaning up stormwater before it reaches the environment.
Type 31-LS Gas/Liquid Separators
Supplier news
23/06/10 - Like all gas/liquid separators from Eaton Filtration, the Series 30L automatically removes 99% of all liquid and solid entrainment particles 10 microns in size or larger.
Eaton Filtration introduce Topline filter housings
Supplier news
27/05/10 - Topline filter housings from Eaton Filtration are ideal housings for the most demanding applications.
Now available from Eaton Filtration- Progaf filter bags
Supplier news
25/05/10 - PROGAF filter bags available from Eaton Filtration bring a new, high-performance alternative to applications requiring absolute filtration.
Sideline filter housings are now available from Eaton Filtration
Supplier news
25/05/10 - SIDELINE from Eaton Filtration are mid-priced filter housings for most applications.
Polyline filter housings now available from Eaton Filtration
Supplier news
24/05/10 - Polyline are rugged, all plastic housings from Eaton Filtration with a choice of PVC, CPVC, PPLor PVDF construction to meet the needs of all ultra-pure or corrosive applications.
QIC-LOCK MAXILINE VMBF bag filters available from Eaton Filtration
Supplier news
21/05/10 - These user friendly, cost effective bag filters from Eaton Filtration are ideal housing for high volume applications and processes demanding frequent bag change-out.
Eaton Filtration introduce new range of Maxline MBF filter housing
Supplier news
19/05/10 - The user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing Maxline MBF from Eaton Filtration is ideal for high volume, multiple applications and processes.
Hayflow filter elements now available from Eaton Filtration
Supplier news
18/05/10 - The new, patent pending filter elements from Eaton Filtration have combined both bag and cartridge filters into one single filtration element for optimum filtration performance.
Flowline filter housings available from Eaton Filtration
Supplier news
17/05/10 - The Flowline range from Eaton Filtration are versatile, heavy-duty cost-effective filter housings.
Australian Dust Control Provides Wet and Dry Spray Booth Products for Spray Painting
Supplier news
26/03/10 - Australian Dust Control offers environmentally-friendly products to their customers. The company supplies spray booths that are made using galvanised steel.
Australian Dust Control Exhibits School Shaker Units
Supplier news
25/03/10 - Australian Dust Control supplies a wide range of dust extraction and dust collector equipment including reverse pulse dust filters, cartridge dust filters and cyclone dust collector.

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