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Drain filters - permanent catch basin insert from Prenco
Supplier news
15/03/11 - Prenco Environmental Spill Control offer a variety of drain filters. Their Permanent Catch Basin Inserts remove concentrated contaminants from stormwater at ‘hot spot’ drains.
Nozzle Protection Filter for Spray Nozzle Applications
Supplier news
15/03/11 - Nozzle protection filters supplied by Eaton Filtration help to keep spray nozzles clear and enable them to perform well in critical functions.
Cooling Tower Filtration
Supplier news
11/03/11 - Cooling towers supplied by Eaton Filtration are designed to cascade water continuously to scrub airborne contaminants from the atmosphere and carry them into the cooling system.
AFC Series Tubular Backwashing Filter
Supplier news
08/03/11 - AFC Series tubular backwashing filters available from Eaton Filtration are designed for high-pressure applications and supplied in various configurations.
Drain Warden drain filters
Supplier news
23/02/11 - Drain Warden drain filters from Prenco Environmental Spill Control provide cost effective drain protection.
Powerful and quiet MC300 Air Filters from Microclene Australia
Supplier news
21/01/11 - The powerful yet quiet MC300 Air Filters from Microclene Australia are half the size of the MC 2800 model and capable of filtering 300+ m³ on their own.
Commercial Portable Power Surge Filter
Supplier news
11/01/11 - Eaton Electric Systems supplies the SSFI single-phase 25kA portable power surge filters for commercial applications.
Europafilter oil cleaning systems
Supplier news
08/12/10 - Six SBS Marine platform supply vessels have been fitted with Europafilter oil cleaning systems in order to ensure the reliable performance of on board thrusters.
The oil filtration system has improved the performance of the MF Fedjefjord
Supplier news
07/12/10 - Norwegian company Tide Sjo had been experiencing ongoing problems related to contaminated lube oil aboard its ferry MF Fedjefjord and required a suitable oil filtration unit.
Schaffner’s Combination NEMPTEMPEST Line Filters
Supplier news
06/12/10 - Westek Electronics offers a new range of line filters designed for use in military warfare applications.
Europafilter oil cleaning systems have improved productivity at the Gyda oil platform
Supplier news
03/12/10 - A Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration unit was recently installed at the Gyda oil platform in order to improve performance of a hydraulic crane at the site.
Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration unit
Supplier news
02/12/10 - Operational reliability at the Kollsnes natural gas processing plant in Norway was recently improved with the installation of an Europafilter Kidneyloop oil filtration unit.

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