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Filament Tapes

Custom Printed Tapes from Qualtape
Qualtape Australia Ltd
Qualtape supply a whole range of printed tapes, adhesive tapes, warehouse tapes and industrial tapes
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Qualtape Australia is a well established company with over 20 years experience in the supply of Adhesive Tapes, Packaging Materials, Printed Tapes and Adhesives. Included within the company is a Machinery Division offering a full range of Pallet Wrappers, ...
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Packaging and Industrial Supplies
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Signet is a leading distributor of Packaging, Safety, and Cleaning supplies. Distributing nationally with despatch centres located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Townsville and Mt Isa. How Signet is helping Australia Compete It’s our ...
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10/01/12 - Leading supplier of packaging products Signet offers an extensive range of quality packaging tapes to meet the packaging and sealing requirements of businesses throughout Australia.
Cross Woven Filament Tapes
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19/10/10 - Signet offers a speciality range of packaging tapes called filament tapes that use continuous fibreglass strands in longitudinal and horizontal directions across a polypropylene backing film.
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08/05/08 - Chelton Packaging supplies an extensive range of adhesive tapes suitable for industrial, commercial and residential packaging applications.

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