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Kennards Hire Rail Equipment Stable Grows
Supplier news
26/05/16 - Kennards Hire Rail has added yet another innovative product to their equipment stable.
Standup Pouches used to package liquids or solids
Supplier news
25/05/16 - Polypropylene Stand Up Bags or Pouches with a gusset. Available in Clear, Black, Silver or Kraft finish sold in boxes of 1000.
Flexibility and power with multi-process welding machines
24/05/16 - WIA (Welding Industries of Australia), one of the country's leading welding supply companies, has announced the expansion of its industry Weldmatic range
Light tool holders engineered for safety and efficiency
15/05/16 - Light but extremely tough and hard wearing high density polyethylene (HDPE) tool holders are being engineered by Cut To Size Plastics
WheelieSafe rationalises manual models
Supplier news
02/05/16 - WheelieSafe P/L, maker of the WheelieSafe Bin Handling System, has rationalised its three manual models (the Essential, the Multi and the Dolly)
Australian Trellis Door a hit at WH Smith
28/04/16 - Australian Trellis Door Co (ATDC) has recently installed its FC1 bifold doors closures at the new WH Smith store at Sydney International Airport.
Real-time data acquisition and control
Supplier news
26/04/16 - The Microstar Laboratories'DAP 5200a data acquisition board brings more real-time data acquisition and control applications within the scope of Windows.
NextComputing have released the Vigor ED Portable Workstation for Maximum Performance and Storage in Tough Environments
Supplier news
26/04/16 - NextComputing, a leading manufacturer of portable and small footprint workstations and servers, recently added the Vigor ED Portable Workstation
Universal Signal Conditions Offer 480 Uniquely Switchable Inputs
Supplier news
17/04/16 - Alvi Technologies presents its ProLine VariTrans P27000 series of universal isolated signal conditioners with 480 switchable inputs.
Graphax Naos 20 MP Microscopy Camera
Supplier news
14/04/16 - The PROGRES GRYPHAX 20 MP microscopy camera is the latest addition to the portfolio of Jenoptik PROGRES cameras made for routine microscopic applications.
Loop powered isolator -BL540
Supplier news
06/04/16 - The loop-powered isolator is one of the most prevalent devices in use in 4-20 mA control loops today.
T10A3S-B Self Priming Sewage Pump
05/04/16 - The Gorman-Rupp T10A3S-B is a high volume self priming sewage pump, able to handle solids in suspension very well.

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