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ExcelPlas Polymer Testing is a fully licensed geosynthetics and plastic testing company specialising in analysis of geomembranes, geosynthetics, plastic pipes and industrial plastics. ExcelPlas offers a variety of service including laboratory testing, ...
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BMT is a leading international multi-disciplinary engineering, science and technology consultancy offering a broad range of services, particularly in the defence, energy, environment, shipping and general transportation sectors. Our team of highly experienced ...
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SOTO says the collapse of the large silo containing cement powder is exactly the kind of industrial incident that needs forensic engineering
23/06/15 - Soto Consulting Group advises the constructors and owners of a recently collapsed silo at Port Adelaide to consider forensic engineering.
XE15 atomic force microscope
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24/03/14 - Warsash Scientific introduces the new XE15 atomic force microscopes (AFM) from Park Systems.
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01/07/08 - Dynamic Engineering Consultants is a firm that provides a range of asset management services which includes asset management plans, creation of asset registers, portfolio analysis and bench marking.
Available in colour or monochrome.
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31/10/05 - SCITECH Pty Ltd has released a new range of firewire cameras from Dage called Dagexcel (Excel). The three Excel firewire cameras are versatile and have varying speed and resolution. All cameras come in colour or monochrome and when combined with the ...
1600 x 1200 pixel array.
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10/12/04 - SCITECH has released the QImaging Retiga 2000R digital camera. It combines the features of the Retiga 1300R camera line with a larger pixel array (1600 x 1200) for increased field of view and total well capacity.
The Retiga 1300R digital camera.
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19/05/04 - SCITECH has announced the release of the Retiga 1300R digital camera from QImaging. This camera is an upgrade of the successful Retiga 1300i, providing higher quantum efficiency. Higher QE results in high sensitivity, ideal for demanding low light and ...
. . . after exposure.
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04/06/03 - BRADY Australia has announced the availability of a new B-350 water indicating label material. The material shows evidence of exposure to water by turning red. It withstands high heat and humidity environments without a false indication appearing.

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