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08/03/12 - Specialist supplier of radiation monitors, Tracerco offers a unique range of nucleonic level measurement instruments that use advanced processing algorithms to deliver robust, accurate and dependable
T406 X ray radiation monitor
Supplier news
07/03/12 - A specialist provider of radiation monitoring equipment for a wide range of industrial applications, Tracerco now introduces a new line of intrinsically safe handheld probing monitors.
TRACERCO T201 radiation monitor
Supplier news
05/03/12 - Tracerco presents the TRACERCO T201 intrinsically safe contamination monitor, part of a wide range of radiation monitors designed to detect alpha/beta radiation in industrial environments.
Wind Speed Alarm System
Supplier news
06/02/12 - Pacific Data Systems has designed a custom wind speed alarm system for a NSW coal mine to improve the health and safety of workers during periods of high winds.
Duct mount programmable temperature and humidity transmitter with 4-20mA output
Supplier news
29/11/11 - Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces the T3113D duct mount programmable temperature and humidity transmitters with 4-20mA output for diverse applications in HVAC management, server rooms and warehou
The compact and portable Fluke 481 radiation survey meters are available to rent from TechRentals
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16/11/11 - These radiation survey meters are lightweight and compact, offering rapid and efficient measuring for a range of detection and general applications.
A range of weather sensors now provides real time monitoring of ambient weather conditions adjacent to the Comalco smelter site
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28/10/11 - A sophisticated air monitoring station, comprising a range of weather sensors, was recently installed by Goyen Controls Co at Australia's largest aluminium smelter, near Gladstone on the central Queen
FHAD36R humidity sensors
Supplier news
28/09/11 - Bestech Australia presents the FHAD36R high precision humidity sensors from Ahlborn, Germany designed to offer a wide measuring range and high accuracy.
HUMLOG 10 relative humidity and temperature data loggers are well suited to stationary or mobile applications
Supplier news
07/06/11 - ECEFast now offers HUMLOG 10 relative humidity and temperature data loggers, versatile wall mountable devices that offer a more accurate replacement to mechanical thermohygrograph instruments.
Wind Speed Sensors and Data Logging Systems
Supplier news
13/05/11 - These wind speed sensors and data logging systems have the capacity to record instantaneous or average wind speed, from 0 to 100 miles (or kilometres) per hour.
The BP10 series barometric pressure sensor
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09/05/11 - BP10 series barometric pressure sensors are now stocked by Environdata Australia, and are capable of measuring atmospheric pressure in the range 750 to 1,050 hectopascals.
Lear Siegler offer S503 relative humidity generators
Supplier news
23/02/11 - The S503 Relative Humidity Generators produce humidity levels between 10% - 90% RH.

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