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Range of profesional Lab and Bench test equipment, Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters & Adapters, Oscilloscopes, Scopemeters, Data-Logging Meters, Calibrators, Network Testers, Frequency Counters, Power Supplies etc
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ProDesign is a leading lighting design consultancy recognised for its innovation and professionalism. As a lighting consultancy we specialise in Theatre, Architectural and Domestic lighting and provide energy management solutions, event management ...
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SpectroLamps supply a wide range of analytical spectroscopy spectral light sources and accessories. The product range includes Hollow Cathode Lamps HCL, Deuterium Lamps D2, D2 lamp Power Supplies, spectral lamps, Xenon short arc lamps and related products.
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Philips Eco Classic 30 Series halogen lightbulb in the candle shape
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29/03/10 - ProDesign specialises in providing process control systems. Their Philips Lamps Eco Classic 30 series allow up to 30% energy savings
LED based MR16 lamps.
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16/11/05 - PRIME Electronics’ new state-of-the art LED-based MR16 lamps are the only lamps available with single LED technology that are comparable to current dichroic lamps. Prime Electronics has conducted tests which show these 3W haLEDgen lamps compare favourably ...

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