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Treotham Automation supplies an extensive range of electrical flexible cables for free movements without tensile stress that is suitable for all markets.
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Drag chain - cable/energy chain, flexible conduit, nylon conduit, multipin connectors industrial type from 10A-35A. Treotham offers a number of products including the Igus Energy Chain Systems.
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Quality in Control specialise in laser dimensional and distance measurement and control systems, Gravimetric extrusion control systems for control of throughput and weight per metre, ultra sonic wall thickness measurement and control for cables, tubes ...
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Oceania Automation Pty Ltd provides support for the Mitsubishi Electric Automation products. Our staff have extensive experience with Mitsubishi PLC’s, Variable Speed Drives, Motion Control, GOT’s (Graphic Operator Terminals), E-Terminals ...
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Employs fibre optic technology within the cable assembly but it looks and functions like a standard electrical encoder cable.
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24/06/05 - MICRONOR, represented in Australia by Quality in Control, has released the MR121 ZapFree encoder cable, solving encoder communications problems caused by EMI, RFI and ground loops commonly found in woodworking, metalworking and other fabrication plants ...
HELUKABEL Cable Solutions for Material Handling
Tom Chivari with HELUKABEL USA talks about cable products for material handling, including high-flex cables, Industrial Ethernet and BUS systems, trailing and spreader cables, antimicrobial cables, and cable accessories.

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