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Fibreglass cable sheathing
Supplier news
06/05/09 - Altronic Distributors are now suppliers of fibreglass cable sheathing for use in industrial and automotive applications.
EC 25 High Speed motor
Supplier news
30/04/09 - Maxon Motor Australia have launched EC 25 High Speed that is addition to their EC motors. The EC 25 High Speed motor has a small-sized 250 w drive and a friction-reduced or low-vibration optimised ope
LDG-S4 DIN Rail enclosure
Supplier news
31/03/09 - The LDG-S series of DIN Rail enclosures, available from Erntec, are insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and automotive industries.
LDG-S2 DIN Rail enclosure
Supplier news
30/03/09 - The LDG-S series of DIN Rail enclosures are insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and the automotive industries. The LDG-S series of DIN Rail enclosures are designed for easy snap-on assembly onto DIN-rails by an integrated ...
DEC Module 24/2 amplifier
Supplier news
18/03/09 - The DEC Module 24/2, a digital 1-quadrant amplifier is available from Maxon Motor Australia with speed controller for brushless EC motors and hall sensors up to 48 watt.
Coaxial Drive KD 32 planetary gearhead
Supplier news
20/02/09 - The low noise, Coaxial-Drive (Koaxdrive) KD 32 planetary gearhead from Maxon Motor Australia is a new improved low-noise planetary gearhead for Maxon DC motors, servo motors and brushless DC motors.
 ISO 13485 certification for the medical business unit
Supplier news
22/12/08 - Maxon Motor Australia’s ‘Maxon medical’ business unit, which supplies high-precision microdrives smaller than 10mm diameters for the medical technology sector, has gained certification under the ISO 13485 medical standard on 11 December, confirming the ...
Supplier news
22/12/08 - Baldor Electric Company’s plant at Ashville has won the IWs Best Plants Award 2008. Achievements include predictive maintenance programme that increased machine uptime to 97.8% while reducing maintenance repair cost by 35% over six years; recipient of ...
Dodge CST Controlled Start Transmission used at Oaky North Conveyors
Supplier news
18/12/08 - The Dodge CST, available from Baldor Australia, is a patented 2-in-1 drive that combines a planetary gear reducer and hydroviscous clutch specifically engineered to deliver and synchronise power and to control acceleration of high-inertia loads such ...
The BSM series brushless motor
Supplier news
10/12/08 - Baldor Australia provide BSM series brushless motors. These brushless motors have adjustable speeds and can be used in portable equipment, mixers, pumps and grinding equipment.
DECS 50/5 controller
Supplier news
01/12/08 - The DECS 50/5 (Digital EC Controller Sensorless), available from Maxon Motor, is a new controller for driving brushless DC motors without Hall sensors. Typical sensorless drives such as pumps and fan applications can now easily be created due to modern ...
EC16 brushless DC motor
Supplier news
28/11/08 - The new EC16 motor developed by Maxon Motor Australia is a brushless DC motor. The EC16 brushless DC motor is 16mm in diameter and has a length of 56mm, bringing a power rating of 40Watt. Its power rating is due to the optimised winding technology that ...

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