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Electronic Thermostats

Grimwood Heating is the premier Australian manufacturer and supplier of quality heating products and controls. Grimwood offers a full range of commercial and industrial heating products available nationally through distributors in every state and from ...
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Coldbuster floor heating is Australia's leading online radiant floor heating supplier, with a range of DIY and trade floor heating products. Never before has it been easier to enjoy heated floors throughout your home.
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Whether you require underfloor heating for your home or a specialised system for a reptile farm, Floorheat Australia can design and install the most economical and efficient electric heating solution tailored to your individual needs.
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Electronic thermostats from Grimwood Heating
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01/08/06 - GRIMWOOD Heating has launched the Eliwell range of electronic thermostats. The Eliwell IC controllers are a complete range of multifunction devices with one operating point, designed to satisfy any application requirement in the sphere of temperature ...

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