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20/10/14 - A new study by IHS Technology reveals that the wearable sensor market will grow multi-fold in the coming years.
IOT architecture
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10/06/14 - Electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives.
How Fremont is turning itself into a magnet for manufacturers
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16/07/13 - The Californian city of Fremont seems to be benefiting from an effort to attract intelligent manufacturers.
Advanced polymers give engineers greater freedom
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08/07/13 - DuPont has developed enhanced materials which are less prone to moisture absorption.
Amy Yap, Senior Marcom and Sales Service Manager, FCI receives the award from Uma Pingali, Director of Services Beyond Products, element14 Asia Pacific (Left)
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26/04/12 - FCI and RECOM recognised for exceptional collaboration and performance on element14 sites in Asia Pacific
Modat-200 by ICP Electronics Australia
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10/02/12 - ICP Electronics Australia are the distributors of the Modat-200 which is designed for the hospitality and restaurant industry.
Tiny Ethernet IO Modules (with PoE)
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01/07/11 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces a new line of IP-based Tiny Ethernet I/O monitoring and control modules from ICP Das.
Tiny Ethernet I-O Module with PoE
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16/06/11 - ICP Electronics Australia announces the introduction of IP-based Tiny Ethernet I/O monitoring and control modules from ICP Das.
Silicon Keypads
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07/06/11 - Silicon Keypads from Reid Industrial Graphic Products are waterproof and dustproof.
Light guide systems
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14/10/10 - This light guide system for upright mounting provides light in form of a Ø3mm LED on the front panel.
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13/07/10 - Compliance Engineering offers comprehensive EMC compliance testing facilities to meet C-Tick, CE, automotive and military testing requirements.
TA10 Series Air Temperature sensors
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11/05/10 - The TA10 Series Air Temperature sensors from Environdata are electronic devices which are designed to measure air temperature.

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