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Digital classroom presentation tool iPen for schools and businesses
Supplier news
30/06/08 - PIONEER Computers Australia has entered the school digital classroom presentation market with its new range of products.
Rabbit technology for extraction of traffic sensor data
Supplier news
27/06/08 - Trafinfo (USA) using Rabbit developed a system that allows extraction of traffic sensor data via wireless technology and the Internet.
Digi technology for telecom PBX console management
Supplier news
24/06/08 - Managing a company’s phone system can be a challenge and usually requires highly trained and dedicated personnel to reconfigure or upgrade the system. This is a problem for companies with limited resources.
NX 6 digital product development software for production
Supplier news
24/06/08 - Product Lifecycle Management Australasia (PLMA), the Siemens PLM master distributor in Australia and New Zealand will be running a series of nation wide seminars focusing on NX 6 and synchronous technology.
Supplier news
23/06/08 - Ford Performance Racing’s cutting edge technology has been secured for another year after the V8 Supercar Championship series team re-signed with Product Lifecycle Management Australasia (PLMA).
Digi technology for control systems integration
Supplier news
23/06/08 - Using Digi technology from Dominion Electronics, an open elevator control systems manufacturer added proven and dependable network connectivity to the elevator control products.
Network connecting printers and scanners
Supplier news
20/06/08 - Network-connecting printers and scanners that are scattered throughout the warehouse is the heart of any merchandise distribution.
Autopilot system upgrade
Supplier news
19/06/08 - Centurion Consulting (USA) has developed a steering-assist-module upgrade of autopilot systems. General aviation aircraft such as single-engine, business jets, and turboprop aircraft in some form have an autopilot system.
Rabbit Technology for traffic monitoring
Supplier news
18/06/08 - Trafinfo (USA) using Dominion Electronics’ Rabbit Technology has developed a system that allows extraction of traffic sensor data through wireless technology and the Internet.
Enfora’s in-vehicle transceiver
Supplier news
17/06/08 - Enfora (USA) has produced an in-vehicle transceiver that employs Dominion Electronics’ RabbitCore RCM2020 core module as its processor, helping make it the most economical wireless Internet Protocol (IP) mobile tracking device available.
Vehicle interior temperature monitor and control system useful for police units and canine protection
Supplier news
16/06/08 - The new vehicle interior temperature monitor and control system, developed by IC-Cubed (USA), uses Rabbit technology distributed by Dominion Electronics in Australia.
Home automation and remote monitoring using Rabbit Technology
Supplier news
12/06/08 - Stealth Laboratories has achieved the next level of home automation and monitoring using Rabbit’s Dynamic C and Rabbit’s RCM3720 RabbitCore available from Dominion Electronics.

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