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What 5G Means For Electronics
Testing of the 5G standard by US telcos Verizon and AT&T has already begun, with the roll-out of the latest iteration of wireless signal likely to be a commercial reality by 2020.

As the name suggests, it will be the 5th generation of wireless signal, and along with it will come many features, the best being speed. How will this affect electronics? In many ways.

Worldwide, there is an estimated six billion devices connected to wireless technology. By 2020 the number is set to more than triple to almost 21 billion. Until recently the majority of wireless devices were smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops. However, with home automation sales also set to increase by up $28 billion by 2020, there is plenty of scope for producers of electronics componentry.

Some products that will be taking advantage of 5G super speed include cars, door locks, home appliances, security cameras, gaming consoles, drones, wearables, and even things such as dog collars and virtual reality (VR) devices.

Although most of these devices exist in a manual form, as the growing middle classes in developing countries adopt the latest technologies, wireless appliances and gadgets will all need electronic componentry. With such a proliferation of products expected in such a short time frame, and well into the future, the electronics components industry has a chance to jump on what could be a lucrative bandwagon.
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DSX-5000 CableAnalyser Series copper cable certifiers
Supplier news
23/11/17 - Measurement Rentals has expanded their growing range of DSX-5000 cable certification testers with the addition of a new copper cable certifier kit.
Magna-Power DC power supply
Supplier news
16/11/17 - Magna-Power Electronics, a worldwide leader in high output DC power supplies, has appointed Emona Instruments as their Australian and NZ distributor.
Quectel BG96MA smart module
Supplier news
15/11/17 - Elecom Electronics Supply introduces the Quectel BG96MA, the global version of the BG96 - LTE Cat.M1/ Cat.NB1 (NB-IoT)/ EGPRS module.
The new igus catalogue offers customers a choice of 1,354 cable types
Supplier news
13/11/17 - Treotham presents the new igus catalogue featuring one of the world's largest selections of e-chain cables.
Design Example: MMIC/Multi-technology PA
Supplier news
05/10/17 - New videos from National Instruments Aust & NZ can be viewed at AWR.TV within the PA (MMIC) Design and Module Design playlists.
gKINO-DMF Mini ITX industrial motherboard
Supplier news
23/09/17 - ICP Electronics Australia introduces iEi Integration's new gKINO-DMF series of Mini ITX industrial motherboards.
MB991 Micro ATX motherboard
Supplier news
23/09/17 - Backplane Systems Technology announces the release of iBase Technology's MB991 Micro ATX motherboards.
Magnus RFID sensor
Supplier news
12/09/17 - Treotham has introduced a new range of RFID sensors designed for machine safety applications.
Cortem high bay light
Supplier news
11/09/17 - NHP Electrical Engineering Products announces the release of new high bay LED lighting ranges from Cortem, designed for use in hazardous environment.
Igus honeycomb strain relief for cables
Supplier news
10/09/17 - Cable tie-wraps are currently used in strain relief with every individual cable fixed to an e-chain.
Team Treotham celebrates 25 years
Supplier news
04/09/17 - Treotham is a market leader in the supply of high quality components from world-leading brands to the industrial sector.
Linkex tank lighting kit
Supplier news
29/08/17 - Linkex tank lighting kits by Wolf Safety Lamps are now available in Australia from JT Day Pty Ltd.

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