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What 5G Means For Electronics
Testing of the 5G standard by US telcos Verizon and AT&T has already begun, with the roll-out of the latest iteration of wireless signal likely to be a commercial reality by 2020.

As the name suggests, it will be the 5th generation of wireless signal, and along with it will come many features, the best being speed. How will this affect electronics? In many ways.

Worldwide, there is an estimated six billion devices connected to wireless technology. By 2020 the number is set to more than triple to almost 21 billion. Until recently the majority of wireless devices were smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops. However, with home automation sales also set to increase by up $28 billion by 2020, there is plenty of scope for producers of electronics componentry.

Some products that will be taking advantage of 5G super speed include cars, door locks, home appliances, security cameras, gaming consoles, drones, wearables, and even things such as dog collars and virtual reality (VR) devices.

Although most of these devices exist in a manual form, as the growing middle classes in developing countries adopt the latest technologies, wireless appliances and gadgets will all need electronic componentry. With such a proliferation of products expected in such a short time frame, and well into the future, the electronics components industry has a chance to jump on what could be a lucrative bandwagon.
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igus’ module connect
Supplier news
21/01/18 - Treotham presents the new module connect from igus, an innovative plug-in connector designed for the connection of electrical and fibre optic cables.
M23 panel connector
Supplier news
15/01/18 - Treotham presents a new range of right-angled connectors featuring a robust design, and offering easy mounting as well as compatibility with Speedtec.
Cinterion Connect Shield
Supplier news
15/01/18 - Cinterion Connect Shield is a powerful development tool that simplifies hardware and software integration.
igus CFSPECIAL.182.060 bus cable
Supplier news
14/01/18 - Treotham introduces a new innovation in bus cables for Profinet, developed by igus to ensure secure bus communication in hanging applications.
EL61-AUS 4G module
Supplier news
11/01/18 - ETM Pacific presents the ELS61-AUS, a 4G wireless module with Telstra network approval.
Battery backup power supply for ETM/ Cinterion modems
Supplier news
04/01/18 - ETM Pacific introduces a new range of battery backup power supplies for use with various ETM and Cinterion modems.
Supplier news
12/12/17 - Treotham introduces a new range of PROFINET cables designed for fast and secure data transmission in demanding environments.
Etron presents Digi-Key with the 2017 Excellent Supplier on Technical Service Award
07/12/17 - Digi-Key Electronics was recently honoured by SuZhou Etron Technologies with the 2017 Excellent Supplier on Technical Service Award.
NI AWR Design Environment
Supplier news
05/12/17 - National Instruments Aust & NZ announces that a new application note featuring NI AWR Design Environment is available for download.
CTP BI safety switch
Supplier news
27/11/17 - Treotham introduces a new safety switch from Euchner featuring an additional bistable locking function.
Y-Circ P T-series waterproof push pull connector
27/11/17 - Yamaichi Electronics has added a new waterproof model to their Y-Circ P push-pull connector series.
The new cable combinations of Ethernet or Profinet elements and power cores in the CFBUS.PUR.H01 series not only save space but also offer reliable performance
Supplier news
26/11/17 - Treotham announces the availability of a new range of single cable solutions from igus specifically made for use in energy chains.

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