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What 5G Means For Electronics
Testing of the 5G standard by US telcos Verizon and AT&T has already begun, with the roll-out of the latest iteration of wireless signal likely to be a commercial reality by 2020.

As the name suggests, it will be the 5th generation of wireless signal, and along with it will come many features, the best being speed. How will this affect electronics? In many ways.

Worldwide, there is an estimated six billion devices connected to wireless technology. By 2020 the number is set to more than triple to almost 21 billion. Until recently the majority of wireless devices were smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops. However, with home automation sales also set to increase by up $28 billion by 2020, there is plenty of scope for producers of electronics componentry.

Some products that will be taking advantage of 5G super speed include cars, door locks, home appliances, security cameras, gaming consoles, drones, wearables, and even things such as dog collars and virtual reality (VR) devices.

Although most of these devices exist in a manual form, as the growing middle classes in developing countries adopt the latest technologies, wireless appliances and gadgets will all need electronic componentry. With such a proliferation of products expected in such a short time frame, and well into the future, the electronics components industry has a chance to jump on what could be a lucrative bandwagon.
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igus' new chainflex Ethernet cables with a predictable and guaranteed service life and certificate for CC-Link IE protocols
Supplier news
25/04/19 - Treotham has introduced two new chainflex CAT5e and CAT6 cables with predictable and guaranteed service life.
New pair shield for chainflex servo cables
Supplier news
18/04/19 - The UL-approved igus servo cables of the CF21 series are available with a highly flexible, oil-resistant PVC jacket for high stressing capacity.
With the new CF280.UL.H chainflex hybrid cable, users with SEW motors can now source a cost-effective drive cable for use in the e-chain
Supplier news
12/04/19 - Treotham offers a new ready-to-connect highly flexible chainflex hybrid cable suitable for SEW and Siemens motors for use in energy chains.
The Aluminum Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS) processes around two million tonnes of bauxite every year. Before processing, the material is stored in a large heap.
Supplier news
07/04/19 - The Aluminum Oxid Stade GmbH (AOS), a major German alumina producer uses energy chains from motion plastics specialist igus.
The new insulation material for chainflex servo and motor cables can withstand the special thermal and electrical requirements of the latest motor generations.
Supplier news
03/04/19 - Treotham introduces a high performance polymer material from igus that meets the new challenges for its latest generation of motor and servo cables.
In 10 years, only a few plastic crossbars have been replaced. In addition to the motor, control and data cables, a water hose is routed in the energy chain of the 5050RHD series (here right in the chain), which can be heated.
Supplier news
17/03/19 - Treotham Automation is able to supply and service all applications that require the record breaking energy chain and cable from igus.
Keysight N9951A 44 GHz vector network, spectrum, cable and antenna analyser
Supplier news
13/02/19 - Measurement Rentals announces the addition of the new Keysight N9951A 44 GHz vector network analyser to their test and measurement rental fleet.
CFROBOT8.PLUS: Chainflex Ethernet cable for 15 million torsional movements up to 360 degrees and fast data transmission to 6-axis robots.
Supplier news
10/02/19 - Industrial robots are widespread in large-scale manufacturing, providing fast automation of processes and ensuring cost-efficiency for companies.
Treotham’s low-friction maintenance-free plastic products open up new solutions especially for theatre and stage construction
Supplier news
01/02/19 - With moving energy supply systems, complicated stage applications can be implemented even in confined spaces and with high loads.
In Hartford's robotic machining systems, energy chains from igus ensure a safe and reliable energy supply.
Supplier news
28/01/19 - Taiwanese company Hartford is using fully harnessed energy chain systems from igus to reduce the assembly time of their robotic machining centres.
Smart plastics provide information on the status of components in real time. This enables the proactive maintenance of trains and helps to prevent delays.
Supplier news
14/01/19 - Advancements in railway technology are increasing reliability and enabling more punctual operation of trains with less room for failure.

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