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What 5G Means For Electronics
Testing of the 5G standard by US telcos Verizon and AT&T has already begun, with the roll-out of the latest iteration of wireless signal likely to be a commercial reality by 2020.

As the name suggests, it will be the 5th generation of wireless signal, and along with it will come many features, the best being speed. How will this affect electronics? In many ways.

Worldwide, there is an estimated six billion devices connected to wireless technology. By 2020 the number is set to more than triple to almost 21 billion. Until recently the majority of wireless devices were smartphones, tablets, televisions and laptops. However, with home automation sales also set to increase by up $28 billion by 2020, there is plenty of scope for producers of electronics componentry.

Some products that will be taking advantage of 5G super speed include cars, door locks, home appliances, security cameras, gaming consoles, drones, wearables, and even things such as dog collars and virtual reality (VR) devices.

Although most of these devices exist in a manual form, as the growing middle classes in developing countries adopt the latest technologies, wireless appliances and gadgets will all need electronic componentry. With such a proliferation of products expected in such a short time frame, and well into the future, the electronics components industry has a chance to jump on what could be a lucrative bandwagon.
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Back Illuminated Microscopy Camera
Supplier news
05/06/16 - The Progres Gryphax from Jenoptik is made for routine microscope applications, using a back-illuminated CMOS sensor made by SONY.
Kennards Hire Rail Collaborates to Create World First
Supplier news
05/06/16 - Kennards Hire Rail, in conjunction with partners Hinton Engineering and Rosenqvist Rail, has developed a new head for the purpose of applying e-Clip.
Acromag's new next generation PCIe-Based AcroPack I/O Modules
Supplier news
15/05/16 - AcroPack Series of I/O mezzanine modules and carriers provide a cost-effective solution for a modular approach to system assembly enabling application
Schaeffler bearings improve reliability for wind turbines
15/05/16 - Schaeffler is using over 30 years experience producing bearings for wind turbines to further optimise the cost-effectiveness and reliability
Versatile AC/DC welding machine packed with features
08/05/16 - WIA (Welding Industries of Australia), one of the country's leading welding supply companies, has announced the release of the Weldarc 200i AC/DC TIG
AZM 400 Bolt Locking safety Interlock
Supplier news
14/04/16 - The addition of the AZM 400 into the machine safety market place marks a giant step forward in innovation. With multiple attributes never before seen.
Control Logic to distribute GE Automation & Controls in WA
Supplier news
14/04/16 - Control Logic is thrilled to announce that our distribution of GE Automation & Controls (formally GE Intelligent Platforms) products and services.
Smartphone sales down as price rises impact Australian market
15/03/16 - Australia's smartphone is maturing and combined with the higher cost of premium models, 1 million less units were sold in 2015.
Faster, simpler, safer: Victaulic unveils new fire protection system fittings at Fire Australia Conference
13/03/16 - ​Victaulic, the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, will be unveiling its new range of fire protection system fittings.
Join the Kaesar Network
07/02/16 - The powerful Ethernet-based Sigma Network developed by Kaeser Compressors, provides optimised compressed air station monitoring and control.
Innovative hydraulic bolting solutions offer optimum outcomes for motor and gearbox alignment
07/02/16 - Used extensively across a wide range of industries, electric motors and drives can operate for significant periods of time with few reliability issues.
​The 3D sensor market will be worth USD$3,319.71 million by 2020, as 3D sensing capabilities increasingly make their way into consumer, automotive and industrial applications.
12/06/15 - The 3D sensor market will be worth USD$3,319.71 million by 2020, as 3D sensing capabilities make their way into consumer and industrial applications.

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