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Electrical Conductivity Meters

INW's AquiStar CT2X is a conductivity and temperature sensor with built-in datalogging
Unispan Instruments
AquiStar® CT2X is a submersible conductivity and temperature sensor with built-in datalogging to measure water level, temperature, PH and conductivity
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Humidity, temperature and general purpose data loggers, including PH , disolved oxygen and conductivity. Submersible family of sensors with integrated loggers for measurement of water level, temperature, pH and conductivity. Ideal for water management ...
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The team at ECO Environmental specialise in providing environmental monitoring and sampling equipment to today's environmental scientist. ECO Environmental provide a range of meters and measuring equipment including Bench Top Meters, Portable ...
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Pacific Sensor Technologies are suppliers of process control, industrial and scientific instrumentation. Products include transmitters, sensors and data loggers for temperature, humidity, pressure, level and water quality instruments plus for shock and ...
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EcoScan Con 6 electrical conductivity meters
Supplier news
09/10/06 - Pacific Sensor Technologies is offering EcoScan Con 6 Electrical Conductivity (EC) meters, which measure the capacity of ions in an aqueous solution to carry electrical current.

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