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Electric Tugs

Electric Tow Tugs and Spring Balancers
TC Hasemer
Electric Tow Tugs and Spring Balancers from TC Hasemer are designed to minimize worker fatigue and risk as well as increase productivity.
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Electrodrive specialise in battery powered materials handling solutions for industrial and healthcare/hospital environments. Electrodrive’s materials handling solutions include Industrial towing devices, bedmovers, powered trolleys, chassis' and ...
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TC Hasemer provides lifting and moving solutions since 1965.TC Hasemer specialise in electric chain hoists, cranes and crane systems, productivity solutions and other materials handling solutions.
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Established in Victoria in 1958, Richmond Wheels and Castors have been designing materials handling equipment including wheels and castors, pallet trucks and pipe rollers. 
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Materials Handling specialises in the movement, control and protection of goods as they are manufactured, distributed, stored, used and disposed of environmentally and safely while improving profitability and productivity. Products include access equipment, ...
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Total Lifting Solutions supplies and supports lifting and material handling equipment. We provide solutions to suit specific needs from standard product to fully customised materials handling. With over 28 years experience TLS ...
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Sitecraft is a leading supplier of Materials Handling, Storage and Safety Equipment. Established over 18 years ago, their broad range of industrial equipment ensures they are able to provide an extensive choice of products and solutions. ...
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Spacepac Industries offer warehousing, commercial and domestic shelving and racking. Compact storage, single and multi tier racks and shelves, display racks, stands, carousels, cabinets, drawers, lockers and pallet racking.
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The Load Mover electric tug assists production personnel in moving heavy carts
01/08/14 - Load Mover Inc. is a Bloomington, MN based designer and manufacturer of battery-powered material handling equipment for industrial environments.
MoveXX battery electric tugs
Supplier news
25/01/13 - Spacepac Industries presents MoveXX battery electric tugs designed for cost-effective towing and pushing in various commercial and industrial environments.
Spacepac Mule Agile electric powered tug
Supplier news
22/03/12 - The Spacepac Mule Agile available from Spacepac Industries is a range of electric powered tugs designed to tow loads up to 1 tonne in space-constrained workplaces.
Spacepac Mule Offroad electric powered tug
Supplier news
21/03/12 - The Spacepac Mule Offroad electric powered tugs, available from materials handling specialist Spacepac Industries are designed to move heavy loads in outdoor areas.
Spacepac Mule Ryder ride-on electric powered tug
Supplier news
20/03/12 - The Spacepac Mule Ryder available from materials handling specialist Spacepac Industries is a range of ride-on electric powered tugs designed to move heavy objects over long distances in indoor enviro
LiftnMovexx transporters can be used for a wide range of towing applications
Supplier news
10/11/10 - Available from Richmond Wheels and Castors, LiftnMovexx transporters are ideal for moving heavily loaded trolleys, hospital beds or logistic roll cages full or cartons, crates, and goods.
The Electrodrive Tug
Supplier news
01/07/09 - The Electrodrive Tug is designed to eliminate the difficult work of moving heavy wheeled objects over long distances, up ramps, or over carpets, reducing the work load of three or four people down to
Tug Classic to move heavy wheeled objects with single operator
Supplier news
29/05/09 - The Tug Classic, available from Electrodrive, allows a single operator to move heavy or awkward trolleys safely and efficiently. Utilising a powerful electric motor, the Tug Classic is available for capacities of 1, 2, or 3.5 tonne.
Motorised Gzunda bed movers
Supplier news
27/05/09 - The Gzunda bed mover, available from Electrodrive, allows one person to move heavy hospital beds. The Gzunda bed mover motorised unit operates equally well with or without a patient, simplifying the task of moving beds or patients between wards, departments, ...

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