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Founded in 1919, Basil V R Greatrex have been providing a range of engineering products and services that have enabled manufacturers to improve equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.  Basil V R Greatrex's products are used in every manufacturing ...
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Norman G. Clark is an Australian owned and operated business with a long and remarkable history. Norman G. Clark manufacture, import and distribute an extensive range of diesel engine accessories and industrial equipment including Deublin Rotary Unions, ...
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(Top) Pump wear after only 5 days in contact with slurry; (Bottom) MetalLine-treated pump’s clean impeller surface after 10 weeks of service
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13/08/14 - A uranium ore processing facility was facing a corrosion challenge in its centrifugal pumps, which were being used to pump slurry through its plant.
TecsPak thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems
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18/06/09 - For over two decades, Miner Elastomer Products Corporation (MEPC) have supplied the global marketplace with TecsPak thermoplastic elastomer energy management systems. TecsPak, available from Norman G
TecsPak GBR-55 radial bumper
Supplier news
20/03/09 - Miner Elastomer Products Corporation have launched the new TecsPak GBR-55 radial bumper product line, which is available from Norman G Clark.

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