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6100 Ride-On Sweeper
Tackle industrial floor cleaning with Tennant’s ride-on sweepers ​​​​​​
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At Tennant, we are passionate about developing innovative solutions to help our customers resolve their cleaning challenges. Our products are designed to sustainably clean spaces with fewer resources and reduced emissions. Our range of scrubbers are ...
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Protecting your family’s air from dust storm contaminants
Supplier news
30/09/09 - Australia is a dry land, and Australian dust storms are neither unusual nor irregular.
ec-H2O cleaning technology
Supplier news
27/04/09 - Users can imagine if they could scrub the floors clean only with water. Tennant have done that with their patented, chemical-free ec-H2O cleaning technology. The ec-H2O cleaning technology has recently earned Tennant, the 2009 European Business Award ...
The T3e scrubber
Supplier news
07/01/09 - The T3e scrubber, available from Tennant, is a dependable, easy to use scrubber, with a whisper quiet operating noise level. This scrubber is suitable for use in all noise sensitive environments.
The S12 ride on sweeper
Supplier news
06/01/09 - The S12 is a versatile and compact ride on sweeper available from Tennant. It has retractable side brushes and is capable of sweeping on hard and soft flooring, both indoors and outdoors.
The Tennant 6100 ride on sweeper
Supplier news
05/01/09 - The Tennant 6100 ride on sweeper from Tennant efficiently sweeps and captures light dust and debris in one pass for increased productivity. The 6100 sweeper is compact in size and has excellent sight
The 3640 sweeper
Supplier news
02/01/09 - The 3640 sweeper from Tennant is a robust machine that is suitable for a variety of applications from light sandy through to tough industrial and manufacturing environments. The 3640 sweeper will increase productivity as it is significantly faster than ...
The T15 ride on scrubber
Supplier news
31/12/08 - The quiet, fume free T15 ride on scrubber, available from Tennant, is perfect for noise and environmentally sensitive areas. Available with FaST technology, the T15 leaves floors clean, dry and safe f
The T7 scrubber
Supplier news
30/12/08 - The T7 is a high-performance scrubber available from Tennant. The new T7 micro-rider delivers an advanced state of safety and cleanliness with the foam-based FaST technology enabling the scrubbed floors to be clean, dry and safe for traffic.
The T5e scrubber
Supplier news
29/12/08 - The T5e scrubber, available from Tennant, enables to reach a higher level of cleanliness, health and safety. Using ec-H2O or FaST technologies, this scrubber utilises less detergents and reduces the water consumption by around 70% while increasing the ...
The T5 scrubbing machine
Supplier news
26/12/08 - The T5 scrubbing machine, available from Tennant, enables to set a high standard of environmental cleanliness, health and safety. This scrubbing machine elevates from cleanliness to sanitisation by reducing mould and bacteria with complete all access ...
The T3 scrubber
Supplier news
24/12/08 - The T3 scrubber, available from Tennant, is ideal for use within noise sensitive areas as its battery power makes it whisper quiet.
The T1 compact floor scrubber
Supplier news
23/12/08 - The T1 compact floor scrubber, available from Tennant, can be used for cleaning hard to access places. The health and safety of tight spaces can be improved with the T1 floor scrubber’s easy to fill, empty, clean and sanitise Hygenic tanks.

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