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Dual Actuator Systems

Motivact has designed a range of high performance actuators that provide a complete solution to the valve and controls industry. Products include full 316SS actuators, rotary and linear carbon steel actuators, rotary and linear stainless steel controls ...
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LINAK provide products that improve people's quality of life and working environment. The TECHLINE Division focuses on providing products for use in industrial equipment like machinery and workspace, building and construction, mobile equipment. ...
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The Danish-French Chamber of Commerce awarded LINAK France with the export prize for remarkable and innovative efforts in the French market
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07/03/12 - LINAK France won the 2011 export prize awarded by the Danish-French Chamber of Commerce for remarkable and innovative efforts in the French market.
The Twindrive Care electric dual actuator unit form LINAK Australia
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17/09/10 - The Twindrive Care unit (TDC for short) from LINAK Australia incorporates electric dual actuators with control boxes in its design, as well as adjustment controls for ease of use.
Twindrive TD1 dual actuators
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23/07/09 - Twindrive TD1 dual actuators are now available with wireless handsets. They help avoid annoying handset cable issues and improve bed comfort.

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