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Dry Ice Blasting Systems

Dry Ice Blasting Machines from Cold Jet Australia
Cold Jet Australia
The Blast Machine is a dependable and productive dry ice blasting and cleaning tool that improves cleaning processes
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Cold Jet Australia leads the development of dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment and sets the standard for quality, performance and reliability. Products and services include dry ice block, nuggets and pellets, contract cleaning services, ...
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Established in Western Australia, Ice Tech Services WA uses cryogenic process technology, known as dry ice as well, for cleaning purposes. This revolutionary cleaning method is suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries including ...
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EZ BLAST is Environmentally Friendly because it virtually eliminates Clean up and Waste Disposal. EZ BLAST are specialized for Industrial Equipment Machinery Blasting Food Process, Electrical, Plastic, Foundry, Printing, Wine Beer and Beverage, ...
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Aero 40 dry ice blasters
Supplier news
20/09/10 - Aero 40 dry ice blasters from Cold Jet Australia fundamentally change the nature of dry ice cleaning.
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28/11/08 - With Cold Jet Australia dry ice blasting systems, Preform mould manufacturers have reduced their production downtime. Cold Jet Australia dry ice blast systems can clean mould surfaces even while the mould is still at curing temperature in the press.
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13/11/08 - Cold Jet Australia dry ice blasting systems provide a fast and an efficient cleaning method for industries. Contract cleaners tackle several cleaning applications with cleaning solutions from Cold Jet Australia. Cold Jet Australia provide contract cleaners ...
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11/11/08 - Cold Jet’s dry ice blasting has helped Automotive companies cut their mould-buildup cleaning costs by as much as 70%. Cold Jet's dry ice blasting systems easily removes excess grease, sludge, sealant and weld slag during preventative maintenance.
Aero C100 Pneumatic
Supplier news
15/11/07 - Cold Jet has introduced the new Aero C100 Pneumatic. Greatly mobile, blazingly fast, and economical, the Aero C100 Pneumatic is a powerful and efficient pneumatic dry ice blasting machine.

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