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Drum Heating Systems

Grimwood Heating is the premier Australian manufacturer and supplier of quality heating products and controls. Grimwood offers a full range of commercial and industrial heating products available nationally through distributors in every state and from ...
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The heating blanket was used to melt a heat sensitive chemical where surface temperature control was critical
Supplier news
04/06/15 - SBH Solutions Australia announces the release of a new range of high power flexible heating jackets from LMK Thermosafe.
152mm wide silicone heater band can be used on plastic drums
Supplier news
11/05/12 - SBH Solutions Australia introduces a new range of silicone band heaters to address a gap in its drum heating range.
Faratherm drum base heaters heat using the principle of induction, requiring no heating elements
Supplier news
16/11/11 - LMK Thermosafe's Faratherm induction drum base heaters are now available from SBH Solutions Australia, and have been specifically designed for use in Zone 1 and 2 rated hazardous areas.
Thermosafe Rigid Top Hat drum heating accessories
Supplier news
22/11/10 - The Thermosafe Rigid Top Hat drum heating accessory from Grimwood Heating decreases heat loss and increases efficiency.

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