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SAI Motor
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15/03/11 - SAI has developed a new range of motors and drive units designed to offer higher power and displacement density that can potentially provide several performance advantages when used in drilling machi¬
B&R ACOPOSmulti with SafeMC and servo motors integrate intelligent safety into drive technology without additional wiring
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03/02/11 - B&R has obtained certification for a fully digital servo drive safety system comprising of everything from sensors to actuators.
Demag Cranes & Components' Dedrive compact frequency inverters
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30/08/10 - Demag’s Dedrive compact frequency inverters are variable frequency drives designed for arduous drive applications. With a 0.75 to 18.5kW output, the Dedrive compact frequency inverters are designed to
HDO drives by Bonfiglioli Transmission
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18/01/10 - Bonfiglioli Transmission HDO drives – which are now being assembled in Australia - were incorporated into geared motors to raise and lower the massive audience video screens, weighing over 50 tonnes.
Hi-Torque drives from Bonfiglioli Transmission
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27/11/09 - Some drives engineered in Australasia by Bonfiglioli are featured in the company’s range of HD Hi-Torque drives in capacities up to 1155kW and 1,195,000 Nm of torque.
Bonfiglioli’s heavy industrial drives technology
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15/09/09 - Some of the world’s most advanced heavy industrial drives technology was displayed by Bonfiglioli at Australia’s premier bulk handling exhibition, Bulkex 2009, where Bonfiglioli won the Best Custom Stand Award.
Trasmital planetary drive combined with a new HD drive
Supplier news
03/08/09 - Bonfiglioli has announced new enhancements to the series of Trasmital planetary drives.
MICROMASTER 440 frequency inverters
Supplier news
17/06/09 - Available from Automation Sales, Siemens MICROMASTER 440 frequency inverters are specifically designed to provide broad functionality and greater dynamic response to a variety of applications.
Advanced heavy industrial drives
Supplier news
29/05/09 - Advanced heavy industrial drives will be introduced to Australasia by Bonfiglioli Transmission at Bulkex 09, including the largest of the new HD helical drive series and the powerful Trasmital planetary drive currently available.
Admiral AX light curtains
Supplier news
26/03/09 - The Admiral AX light curtain from Treotham Automation is designed for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines. The Admiral AX light curtain with its two s
Reer safety light curtain
Supplier news
13/03/09 - Treotham Automation, previously known as Treotham, have become the distributors of Italian safety products company, Reer. Treotham Automation offer Reer safety light curtain line along with a safety laser scanner and a measurement light curtain line ...
Industrial helical drives
Supplier news
13/03/09 - Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) are in the process of assembling advanced and durable heavy industrial helical drives in Australia. They have commissioned a complete assembly and testing line dedicated to HDP parallel shaft and HDO bevel helicals that ...

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