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SSP Universal Sliding Millguards from CPR
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30/07/09 - A recent addition to the CLEERVUE product range is the SSP UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE GUARD. This enclosure type table guard has twin sliding 5mm polycarbonate windows fitted with electrical interlocks
Drilling machine guards
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27/07/09 - Model BT drilling machine guard is made from injection moulded high impact polycarbonate which offers clear and safe vision through body and visor.
Light radial drilling machine guards
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27/07/09 - These drilling machine guards are a solution to the needs of both production and safety. A variety of fittings enable the drilling machine guards to be installed on any machine.
HMD 908SC drill
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21/07/09 - The HMD908SC drill is lightweight, compact, powerful and versatile making it an ideal drill for general fabrication.
Power Feed HMD 928
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20/07/09 - Put less work into hole making with the Power Feed HMD928. It has exceptional performance and reliability at a lower cost than comparable power feed drills.
HMD111 portable magnetic drill
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17/07/09 - Whether drilling behind the wheel on a truck frame or making installation holes in difficult to reach places, the performance of the Hougen HMD111 Portable Magnetic Drill is impressive.
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17/07/09 - Concrete cutter by Australian Core Drilling and Cutting Services.
HMD914S portable magnetic drill
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16/07/09 - The HMD914S Swivel Base portable magnetic drill is lightweight, compact and includes a 16 oz. gravity feed coolant bottle, ergonomic handles and positive slug ejection.
HMD 151 magnetic drill
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15/07/09 - Whether high in a lift or in a confined area, the HMD151 magnetic drill is built for general fabrication.
Infratest Road Core drilling machine
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13/07/09 - The Road Core drilling machine 60-0100 / 60-0110 on a single axle trailer has overrunning brake, reverse system and a spherical coupler for taking drilling cores out of asphalt and concrete pavements.
Air track drill rig
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24/06/09 - Custom Fluid Power can improve the safety and efficiency of underground machinery. Custom Fluid Power upgraded an old air track drill rig that completed bolting projects (strata roof control) and repa
Gekko Mag-Screen gravity separation product
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15/06/09 - The Gekko Mag-Screen is a high quality gravity separation product that combines a magnet and screen in a two in one unit, resulting in a low head height, cost effective solution for feed preparation. The Gekko Mag-Screen unit, available from Gekko Systems, ...

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