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Mixers with proven technology and custom design options
Unit Process Consulting Pty Ltd
Fluid Mixing equipment can blend, suspend solids & disperse particles and are designed to cater for all variables that may be encountered.
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AllMix Industrial Mixers are designed and supplied by Unit Processing Consulting Pty Ltd. Their experience covers a wide range of Industrial applications including the following Industries: Chemical; Water Treatment; Mineral Processing; Food and Beverage ...
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Electronic T&M
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Manufacture industrial waste bins, compactors.
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Global Spill Control started manufacturing absorbents for oil and chemical spills in 1991, and today, supplies the Australian market with a comprehensive range of environmental products, including polypropylene absorbents for oil and chemical spills, ...
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MYTOS for particle size analysis
Supplier news
31/10/08 - Particle Test offer a wide range of instruments for particle size analysis. According to Particle Test, particle size analysis of an industrial production line can be accomplished by different arrangements of the equipment.
Material Characterisation Products
Supplier news
22/10/07 - Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive range of material characterisation products that analyse and process material for rheological and thermal properties.
LMH7322 dual comparator
Supplier news
21/06/07 - National Semiconductor Corporation, a supplier of high-performance analogue signal-path products, introduced LMH7322, a dual comparator that provides the industry’s low power (21 mA typical) with sub-nanosecond (700 ps) propagation delay.
Dispersers from Onslow Engineering
Supplier news
15/02/07 - Onslow Engineering is a leading manufacture of High Speed Dispersers used in the surface coating industry.
Supplier news
01/09/06 - Gelatinisation of aqueous cornstarch dispersions with different amylose/amylopectin ratios were studied by Rheology Solutions with respect to their response to the simultaneous application of thermal and mechanical stresses.
The H5000 impeller from Allmix.
Supplier news
09/02/06 - THE impeller used on a mixer is the most important component of all. It is the type of impeller, its size and rotational speed that determines the specifications of every other component of the mixer. Further, there is no particular impeller type that ...
Eliminates need for surfactants.
Supplier news
19/05/05 - EASTMAN Chemical Company has introduced Tacolyn 3509, a low surface tension (LST) resin dispersion for use in waterborne adhesives for tapes and labels. Tacolyn 3509 eliminates the need for surfactants or other wetting agents in waterborne adhesives, ...
Belden’s high strength fibre optic cable.
Supplier news
18/10/02 - BELDEN Australia has designed and manufactured a sophisticated fibre optic cable for Nextgen Networks that can withstand extremely harsh climatic environments and provide reliability of transmission for telecommunications carriers.

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