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Digital Pyrometers

Infrared Pyrometers: Temperature Measurement Products and Data Logging Instruments including Temperature Loggers and Temperature Recorders
W & B Instruments
Infrared pyrometers for reliable and durable temperature measurements
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Full range of portable and fixed instruments to measure: temperature (incl. infrared), relative humidity, pressure, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, light and sound.
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Pyrosales are a specialist manufacturer of standard and precision temperature measurement sensors including humidity controls, temperature controllers and thermal imaging equipment. Other products include mineral-insulated cable and wiring systems.
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Certified metrology laboratory provides variety of temperature calibration services
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ISR 6 digital pyrometers take measurements using the 2-colour (ratio) method, in which two adjacent wavelengths are used for temperature determination
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03/05/12 - Manufactured by LumaSense Technologies and available from W & B Instruments, ISR 6 stationary digital pyrometers are designed for non-contact temperature measurement up to 3,000ºC.
Series 8 portable digital pyrometers have a fast response time of 1 ms
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17/06/11 - Series 8 portable digital pyrometers are high quality, battery driven devices that are designed for non-contact temperature measurement between 250 and 2500ºC, and are now available from W & B Instruments.
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03/02/09 - Pyrosales provide transducers for various applications. Transducers available from Pyrosales are broadly categorised Continuous Level Transducers and Multi Float Level Transducers. These transducers offer accurate reading of temperatures and are available ...
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02/02/09 - Pyrosales are providers of temperature measurement sensors. They specialise in standard and precision temperature measurement sensors which include humidity controls and temperature controllers. There

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