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TRUNKGUARD® TG200 Device Coupler by MooreHawke
Moore Industries-Pacific
MooreHawke FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and PROFIBUS PA Device Couplers and Power Supplies improve power systems and fieldbus systems
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Moore Industries-Pacific is a world leader in interface instruments for industrial process control, smart temperature transmitters with sensor assemblies, signal conditioners, isolators, converters, repeaters, splitters, limit alarms, trips, switches, ...
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SB Series fieldbus device couplers feature LEDs that offer a visual sign of fault indication or status
Supplier news
17/03/10 - Available from Moore Industries-Pacific, SPURBARRIER (SB Series) fieldbus device couplers’ function is to connect intrinsically-safe fieldbus devices to a non-intrinsically-safe (Ex e) trunk.
ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus System
Supplier news
19/01/09 - MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries-International, have announced that the ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus System has a new ATEX approval (FM pending) as a redundant intrinsically-safe fieldbus system permitting the connection of any mix of FISCO and Entity ...
Supplier news
03/04/07 - Introduction to Fieldbus white paper explains, in terms any engineer, technician or operator can understand, how fieldbus works.
Supplier news
29/08/06 - THE TG200 TRUNKGUARD Series Fieldbus Device Couplers from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries- Pacific Inc., use a unique fold-back technique to disconnect a shorted instrument from the fieldbus segment, thus preventing complete segment failure.
Supplier news
24/11/05 - A unique IS split-architecture system enables DCS systems in hazardous locations to operate at the same level of efficacy and safety as in non-hazardous areas.

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