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Detachable Antennas

ETM Pacific
ETM Pacific are suppliers of superior wireless products. This includes a range of GSM/GPRS/UMTS/3G/NextG modules and terminals, sensor technology, controllers and data logging systems.
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Faraday Pty Ltd
Faraday Pty Ltd is a specialist electromagnetic shielding company, with services including: RF shielding design, RF shielding manufacture, RF shielding installation and testing, 3rd party independent testing using NATA accredited test services.
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Their product range include electron tubes, Triode, Tetrode, Laser tubes, Ignitrons, Magnetrons, Broadcast tubes,Industrial Microwave generators, Microwave leakage meters and Microwave accessories,high voltage ceramic fixed and variable capacitors, RF ...
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CrispTech is Australia’s leading distributor of Industrial Communications Products and National Distributor of Moxa products. They have the most experienced and professionally developed Technical support team in Australia and are also a certified ...
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Moxa AWK-1200 Industrial Wireless Access Point
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20/07/07 - CrispTech has released new Moxa AWK-1200 Industrial Wireless Access Point and Client, designed for industrial wireless applications, many of which are no longer limited to indoor usage.
Makes its measurements without interrupting the transmission.
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25/05/05 - RICHARDSON Electronics has released the VA16/RK FM stereo modulation and audio quality meter with a magnetic base whip antenna. It is capable of off-air measurement of FM stations and it measures RF a

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