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Lockouts to prevent accidents and minimise workplace injuries
Cirlock manufactures lockout and tagout devices for controlling harzardous energy sources in all industry applications
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Tuffa Products supply highly quality Safety Tags and Safety Products for the Oil, Gas, Construction and Mining Industries. They have a standard range of Tuffa Tags: Warning tags, Danger tags, Mandatory tags, Gas Cylinder tags, Tank tags, Flange tags, ...
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TSI Queensland are specialists in industrial labelling and safety solutions for mining and construction industries. Gloves, safety specs, hearing protection, height safety, lockout, safety clothing, boots, hard hats, sun protection, specialist eyewear ...
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Cirlock specialises in Lockout and Tagout devices and equipment for all Energy Sources. Products include Universal lockouts for circuit breakers, lockout hasps, danger tags, safety lockout padlocks, multifunction cable lockouts, plug and hose lockouts, ...
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Scafftag helps you to manage and communicate the changing status of your equipment in terms of safety, maintenance and identity/location to improve business performance. Our range of systems make the latest status clearly visible, where it is needed ...
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RackID range of Indoor Warehouse Floor Identification Labelling
Supplier news
15/08/16 - Indoor floor identification in warehouses could seem to anyone one of the simplest way to locate products, however it is one of the most complex ones.
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30/09/13 - Lockout and tagout procedures are widely implemented and used in several Australian companies, especially large mining companies and some power stations.
Lockout kit
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03/11/08 - A range of lockout kits are available from Cirlock to suit different types of contractors/workers. The lockout kits come with a handy carry bag, with zipper and belt buckle.
MFL-2 multifunction cable lockout device
Supplier news
31/10/08 - MFL-2 multifunction cable lockout devices from Cirlock are versatile lockout devices that can be used in a variety of situations. These devices consist of a plastic housing with one metre PVC coated steel wire cable.
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22/04/08 - Artcraft QLD designs and distributes a range of workplace safety signs, traffic signs and road safety equipment.

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