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Polycarbonate machine guards available from Datco Industries
Supplier news
05/02/09 - Datco Industries supply polycarbonate in sheets, rods or tubes. Polycarbonate has 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times that of acrylic.
PTFE in sheet, rod or tube
Supplier news
04/02/09 - Datco Industries supply PTFE in sheets, rods or tubes. PTFE range of properties includes better chemical resistance, a continuous working temperature range of -260deg C to +260deg C, low coefficient of friction and total UV resistance.
Polyvinyl chloride
Supplier news
03/02/09 - Datco Industries supply PVC in sheets, rods or tubes. Polyvinyl chloride has better corrosion resistance and is suitable for applications where maximum chemical resistance is necessary.
Polypropylene sheets, rods and tubes available from Datco Industries
Supplier news
02/02/09 - Datco Industries, engineering plastics specialists, supply Polypropylene in sheet, rod and tube. Polypropylene is an economical material that offers a combination of chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties not found in other thermoplastics. ...
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes
Supplier news
30/01/09 - Datco Industries supply ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes in sheet, rod or tube. Ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes (UHMWPE) provide high impact and abrasion resistance.
High density polyethylene
Supplier news
29/01/09 - Datco Industries supply high density polyethylene (HDPE) in sheet, rod or tube. HDPE is a versatile polymer that exhibits better chemical and impact resistance.
Acetal general purpose thermoplastic
Supplier news
28/01/09 - Datco Industries supply Acetal/Delrin in sheet, rod or tube. Acetal, available from Datco Industries, is a general purpose thermoplastic. It is used for bushings, bearings, rollers and gears because it has high tensile strength, stiffness and better ...
Datco Industries
Supplier news
27/01/09 - Datco Industries are distributors of engineering plastics. Datco Industries offer distribution in sheet, rod and tube as well as fully in-house machined products.
TJ6000-X2 waterjet cutting machine
Supplier news
22/12/08 - Sonnex Engineering have introduced the TJ6000-X2, with a bed capacity of 3.2x6.25m, and a cutting thickness capability of 150mm.
Supplier news
03/11/08 - Molnar Laser Cutting Service specialise in laser cutting service especially for the robot welders. Molnar Laser Cutting Service is capable of cutting both large and small thickness parts in aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. In the entire South ...
The Schmedt book binding system
Supplier news
16/10/08 - There are various desktop systems which use gluing or clamping methods into a prepared hard case. Several equipment solutions are available that speed up traditional bookbinding for short run work such as those offered by Schmedt. Renz Masterbind are ...
The Burny 10LCD Plus
Supplier news
09/10/08 - Profile Cutting Systems offer the Burny 10LCD Plus, which is the next step in PC-based motion control. Designed for multiple axis cutting machines, the Burny 10LCD Plus features advances in CNC technology on a proven platform, which is engineered to ...

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