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Solid Core (L) and No Core (R)
Supplier news
14/03/14 - Dwyer Instruments announces the release of the new Series MCS miniature current switches.
New series CCS split core, self-powered current switch
Supplier news
10/01/11 - Dwyer Instruments, suppliers of a complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, has announced the release of its new series CCS current switches.
PITmode switches
Supplier news
13/05/10 - Pilz has expanded its range of operator and visualisation systems with the operating mode selector switch PITmode.
The 10mA, 6kA RCBO is available in Australia through CrispTech
Supplier news
28/10/09 - Following on from the introduction of the MACK Electrical MRR series of 6kA RCBO’s, CrispTech announce the release of a 10mA version.
Frank Schrever with the Pilz display of safety switch products at NMW 2009
Supplier news
29/05/09 - Ferret caught up with Frank Schrever from Pilz at National Manufacturing Week Melbourne 2009 to discuss some of their new range of Pilz products on display at the show.
Control Load Switch
Supplier news
06/11/08 - The load switches of the C, CA, CAD and CL-series from Australian Solenoid offer a solution for most cam switch applications.
Terminal Lug
Supplier news
05/11/08 - Terminal lugs from Australian Solenoid for screw with wire clamps facilitate the connecting of wires in installations where the terminals are not easily accessible.
VRD Revers Acting Rupture Disc Assembly
Supplier news
02/06/08 - When Size Matters: Introducing the VRD Reverse Acting Rupture Disc Assembly.
ULTRX Rupture Disc
Supplier news
30/05/08 - When it comes to protecting equipment, vessels , and systems from overexposure conditions, the ULTRX Rupture Disc is the way to go.
Omron Electronics launches the G2RV
Supplier news
13/10/06 - Omron Electronics represented in Geelong & Western Victoria by Factory Controls is introducing a revolutionary industrial plug-in relay, the G2RV.
PCU300 series pump control system
Supplier news
29/08/06 - The PCU300 series pump control and monitoring system represents a breakthrough in reliability and robustness for remotely operated pump stations and tank monitoring.
Monitors temperatures from -50°C to 150ºC.
Supplier news
05/05/05 - ENDRESS + Hauser's new Thermophant temperature switch is designed as a compact, low-cost, fully-rangeable electronic switch for use in tough process environments, including hygienic applications. It i

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