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Curing Ovens

 Everdure has brought its expertise with Gas and authority in outdoor cooking inside the home. Everdure Kitchen has inaugurated a new era, allowing us to bring our function packed, fraction priced philosophy to major kitchen appliances ... starting ...
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Heraeus Amba Australia offer high performance UV curing lamps and infrared heaters for high-tech applications. Part of the Heraeus technology group, the world’s leading manufacturer of UV lamps for curing and disinfection, infrared heating ...
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Silver Chef has been helping businesses to fund their restaurant equipment needs for over two decades. Silver Chef understand their customer's unique challenges and provide solutions that enable them to achieve their full potential. Used ...
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Vacuum UV lamps for Aerosol and Aerosolate treatment
Supplier news
06/05/09 - Vacuum UV lamps (VUV lamps) for the kitchen extraction air photolyse greases and odours in the ductwork and facilitate its scrubbing. VUV lamps, available from Heraeus Amba Australia, can even be used at ambient temperatures of up to 80ºC.
'Ultraviolet Light for Water Treatment' technical handbook
Supplier news
18/11/08 - Heraeus Amba Australia have launched a technical handbook, ‘Ultraviolet Light for Water Treatment’ at Aquatech. The new technical handbook provides an overview on UV lamp technology for water treatment and touches briefly on the methods of UV disinfection ...

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